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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More In Her Middle Finger Than You Will Have In A Lifetime

If only pious idiot judges would go after corruption in the private sector and certain parts of government, they wouldn't need to partake of such diversions as chasing naughty little girls around. Nor have to pander to the closet perverts and jealous fat/old bitches in this country who want to see such public executions.

These are the actions of a nation that will do anything to deny the plain truth that they enjoy pedophilia being marketed to them and their children as in many of Lohans earlier movies or especially Brittney Spears career.
Becuz when these VICTIMS OF A CLOSETED SICK SOCIETY don't want to deal with the normal natural reprocussions of being raised and marketed in su h a manner in one's youth begin to manifest themselves, America is quick to mob the human being.

America is terrified to face the truth about themselves. Embracing PC has placed the country in an awkward position where they cant afford to admit they dont actvely practice what they preach. Partaking in old fashioned ignorant behavior such as this is probably considered a luxury by a society with such.false morality.

And yes, the country is totally f*cked, way more mentally ill than Lohan will ever be and yes, the journalist who now resides in CA and France is probably targeted.

Fuck You indeed.

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