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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Central Sq Cambridge- A Prime Spot For A Reality Show And Remote Influence

This specific area of Cambridge has alot of multi-stalker activity. Always has. It was a hot spot during Bush and continues to a lesser degree even today.
It's obvious that its a major terrorist target, with MIT to the east and Harvard to the west up Mass Avenue. MIT has a nuclear reactor.
There are also many bio engineering or research companies nearby. Having an Anti Terror Joint Task Force in this area or some portion of that under thier umbrella makes perfect sense.

In East Cambridge I feel relatively little remote influence but there is heavy gang stalking activity. In Harvard Sq I feel watched most of the time but I feel much more positive about my situation.

In this Central Square area it never fails: I become aggressive, agitated and argumentative. There are probably tons of video of me using the 'N' word on males and being pissed off in general. The area is difficult due to the dynamics or social set up of it to begin with but I truly believe I have experienced repeated episodes of being targeted by remote influence heavily in this area. The moment I get out of this area I always calm right down. Unfortunately, I frequent this area due to there being women's services there. I hate walking in the main square area or anywhere around this place. The cops harass me still in this area or have this winter anyway, multi stalking is common and on top of that- there's always this agitation occurring that leaves me when I physically leave this area. I mean I get very nasty. And it seems purely geographical.

The reason its difficult with the varying demographics of people that are there is due to it being a former truly diverse neighborhood, complete with a revolutionary book store, that was gentrified by local business owners as well as the universities at either end of Mass Ave circa late 90's. It has left a small African American community that now has higher rents and higher food prices becuz of gentrification. The problem seems to be that the African American community there are basically either house slaves for the elite locally or they feel very controlled by being sandwiched between two powerhouses like Harvard and MIT and one senses that racial tensions run high here- any opportunity to diss a white woman who is NOT rich enough and untouchable must be very tempting to this population. I have also been told my multiple sources it is an area that contains alot of Blood gang activity.

I sense this not becuz I am an ignorant racist but becuz I know from experience that if I were to frequent a much more purely 'black' area like Roxbury or Mattapan, I would most likely be left alone for the most part with the residents there having the habit of minding thier own business. I have often found natives of Roxbury to be more helpful to me than harassing. This is due to these communities knowing the realities of oppression as well as perhaps feeling more empowered and comfortable in an area that is predominantly theirs exclusively.

This seems like a logical deduction for the reason that Central Sq has always been a nightmare racially for me. Whatever thier reasons, this area has a great concentration of coddled, rude, forward jerks who think, for some odd reason, they are the sh*t. This is part of my aggravation certainly but I have always been suspect as to the aggression taking hold of me upon entering this area and not feeling relief until I get out of this area.

The day I recorded this I was having alot of intrusive thoughts, interface etc. I had noticed the camera a week or so before and now noted the other repeaters.

Hey, its just a theory, but a good one.
Imagine if you had an area under surveillance with cameras and then had remote influence available to force behavior from a Target. You could get all kinds of wonderful evidence to discredit the person and hey, whos to say its not sold to really rich or select people as an amusing reality show. Someone told me in 2006 that vids of me from surveillance cameras were being sold off to people..for amusement I assume. So whos to say that the contents of any camera cant be sold off or streamed to outside parties?

1,2)On the next block to my right there was a camera very high up on the corner of a building. It is so high that it must cover a huge range in Central Sq.

3)Across from the camera is a building that contains many cell phone repeaters. These are called repeaters due to carrying the cell phone signals from the original larger towers.

4)There is also something on the left that contains other tech or antennas.

5)Just a point of reference as I take the camera down to the building I am sitting under.

6)This is on the building that is right above where I was sitting that day. There is one repeater you can see but its one of many on the building.

7,8)To the right of the repeater. The orange is where the repeater is, the blue is basically where I am sitting.

9)This is where my gear is. The orange shows where the repeater is above my head.

I know this sounds like a load of paranoid bs but this is exactly the methods of delivering mass mind control, or perhaps just influencing Targeted persons- that was proposed by Michael Aquino in his Mind War paper:

Some of the photographs are just to take up space. Just listen to the reading of the paper. The girl lying in the hospital bed with signs that say "strain all urine" is an actual MK Ultra experimentee. This is somewhat inappropriate due to the paper clearly stating that MindWar would be discredited by utilizing the CIA's program of druggings etc for mind control.

In the President's Advisory Committee videotapes, one of the committee members clearly states that the military claimed they only did radiation experiments and the CIA were the ones that took part in experimenting with drugs and mind control.'
Whats interesting about that statement is that it now makes more sense, due to a similar sentiment in the MindWar paper concerning not wanting to be associated with the CIA program of mind control experimenting with druggings.

However, the experimentees giving testimony claimed to have recall of being used in cross overs or in both kinds of experimentation and some indeed claimed they only recall being in one or the other.

Its obvious through my experience nationwide as a Targeted Individual that the content of this MindWar paper has most likely become a reality.
This is why its so greatly important to discredit anyone like myself with victim witness testimony that sounds reasonable at all. The presentation might be a Mikky Mouse job, as I have an extremely low budget but I think its too the point really. At least it shows something one can use to deduct that perhaps there is something to this.

The main obstacle is that the public simply do not want to believe that any authority would have that much power as to subject an entire society to such influence or even just Targeted persons. People cannot make that leap, and being targeted, it has taken me years for it to sink in, believe me.

I dont fear the racial issues involved in my circumstances becuz I feel if I continue the form of this blog, which is to show candid circumstances of being a TI I can only continue to succeed in my activism. Also, its a great test of the public as well. Anyone truly interested in justice regarding this subject will be grown up about race being a sensitivity that a Targeted person will have used against them in a campaign, whereas detractors and people who still dont get the point, will focus on me being to honest and forthright or politically incorrect.

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Anonymous said...

A moving target is much harder for the criminals perps to hit any T.I's
I know some people have implants thats how they get them but some dont
as long you keep moving those lowlifes cant get you very well.

Also watch out if you have a cell phone the criminals can track you with GPS and listen in on you.