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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Electromagnetic Pollution and The Fantastic Collective Death Fantasy



This is definitely the most important issue of recent history. I often have wondered if pollution is a major reason for unrest the world over. How can humans be happy or satisfied if they don't feel good..or are hungry.

This modern world we have created has always been in many ways prison like and unhealthy for the human body. In many ountries we've taken only half measures in creating livable man made or false environments. Third world countries. What would they be like if no man made civilization were there at all?

And in countries like the US in urban areas nowadays if you aren't rich enough to live in a building with very clean central air you're going to experience some form of pollution thats obvious and potentially damaging especially in older cities like Boston.

When I go through parts of the midwest my body registers that the environment there is similar to what it was in the in and around the Boston area when I was a child during the 70's.

MA is very polluted. On truck rides drivers point out dead trees in swampy areas and inform me that some company dumped there and those trees are not.gonna grow back.

No one in expensive, prestigious Cambridge wants to admit this but after winter one can smell the mold coming from old buildings especially the basements.

Its one of the main reasons I have become overweight and unhealthy staying here this year. It seems that educated people know better about protecting their health. My ex's parents who were teachers from Newton made all the right moves life long everything from living in a clean area to avoiding metal fillings, taking right supplements and even putting their him in a school in Weston when inner city kids were going to integrate into the local school system. (African American inner city populations are notorious for parasitic diseases but only educated people seem hip to this. Studies have proven it.)

My maternal family never wanted to face the reality that Waltham near Weston where my great grandfather built the house my gandmother will die in, had over the years become an enviromental nightmare. Poloroid, rt.128 industrial and technology center, 128 highway itself being built right near the house, and various smaller companies that polluted frequently. My grandmother had her lice threatened and had to sign a gag order due to whistle blowing on some.sort of green goo bubbling up in the ground down the street where some weird containment thingies were down Stow St. My lungs were burned one night when a company at the end of the street had some sort of line break. The ER doc said it was similar to a burn from severe exposure to bleach, the next day it was in the papers. My family ignored it and wrote my claims off as nothing even though I had the newspaper story and corroberating medical evidence.

This is the often common attitude of common people, lower to middle class people who live on denial and insulate themselves with false pride.

They should have moved out when Poloroid moved in. Uneducated people often know something is wrong but can't defend themselves properly. And an old fashioned attitude encourages us to be tough and walk through fire.

Becuz the effects of pollution are long term, often unseen and take study to detect it seems that it isn't bothering humans but it is.

On top of all that their house that was wonderfully kept up had a basement that regularly flooded. My g-grandfather built it so it had little holes for drainage on the sides and somehow you could never see the mold. And they keep dehumidifiers down there but I suspect after 100 years of flooding its got.to produce mold somehow.

Since 9-11 and the Bush era the world seems to have abandoned its obsession with the enviroment and denial of global warming being due to man made pollution has only subconsciously discredited environmentalists further.

Even in the late 90's activists were represented as elitists, hippies, weirdos, fanatics or dumb naive kids.
After 9-11 Earth First! got pulled off the shelves of the local health food co op, probably they were considered terrorists in this new hostile climate of mass hysteria. Other countries live with terrorism regularly..the point is they continue to LIVE. More than anything else, our egos were bruised and our power trip interrupted. To this day America refuses to accept that 9-11 was either a very large scale conspiracy by a world wide military industrial complex, especially here to avoid being downsized after the Pentagon's missing 2.3 TRILLION or simply due to motives as claimed by terrorists: foriegn policy favoring, assisting and covert ops on behalf of Israel.
Neither of these motives is accepted nor even considered by your average American. And within this environment of newfound patriotism (hardcore avoidance and denial) one is never to question anything that makes America rich, powerful or high in supposed 'quality of life', becuz that would be giving in.to terrorists...somehow.

So the environment is not only out of fashion now as an issue to care about its off limits basically. Yes people speak of going green etc but in the past there was challenges to change the basic way we lived as well as deeply consider pollution as the main enemy to humanity.

The events of the last decade and a half have permanently diverted society from these ideals and goals.

Japan's nuclear disaster doesn't phase us at all it seems. We have become numbed..the entire country is akin to a trauma victim that never reported or dealt with the issue and still occasionally has to encounter their abuser, who has made sure they left behind a permanent system of silencing their victim.

The continued intimidation of America in order to protect the abusers from the Bush era is still firmly in place.

Now we have more electromagnetic pollution than ever and the tech gadget industry is creating more plastic disposable objects than ever before. And the turn over rate for tech is very fast; if it doesn't break it becomes obsolete.

Any consideration or mention of this is considered living in the past: the 90's basically. The culture has been terrorized and traumatized as a treatment for facing reality. People actually behave as if those problems simply went away. Gone with the 20th century. Now, science will cradle us as if in god's hands and save us from a future of destruction. Science and technology.

People have been beaten down basically with varying forms of domestic terrorism and put in place are systematic methods of terror and control, diversion.
Everything from the effects of electromagnetic pollution to systematic virgin rapes in Scandinavia, terrorism, higher cost of living, forced Diversity and Political Correctness covering for reverse racism and race issues used to cover for class wars or oppression.

As well as the targeting and destruction of individuals who were or are a threat to the agenda of mass mind control of humanity via varying means, some I mentioned.

Electromag pollution is a major problem and no one knows this better than someone who whose worst years being targeted were living in a building with multiple cell phone repeaters one floor above me on the roof.

I am so messed up, so sensitive that I can only write this due to it being a Sunday and a holiday-both of which seem to provide relief from the effects of being exposed and targeted in the metropolitan Boston area.

I cannot readily defend myself or get a lawyer or even remember simple tasks in a To Do list if inside the.city limits, which I need to be in to have access to resources for living and for activism.

The poor seem to suffer more and benefit less in relation to this situation: they can't afford to aquire the full benefits of the technologies but they suffer the most due to said system of technologies.

So what's new? Its perfect: deniability, a cover story that makes money for other industries (big pharma, psychiatry) and a diversion introduced that is anchored in people feeling safe in their homeland...as well as not wanting to be percieved as.terrorist sympathetizers.

People like me are an example of the results of corruption within the modern or 'New World Order' system. The system of world wide mind control is so strong now that humanity may never recover from its grasp.

And this idea of there having to be a change that will cause great destruction and cleanse or renew the earth is so typical of CULT MIND CONTROL.

Many cults have been documented to end this.way, from Jonestown to Branch Dividians to those tech guys who cut.off their testicals, slipped into jogging.suits and committed suicide in order to catch a ride on a passing comet.

These events- this predicament is unecceassy and was avoidable. When we die from.radiation or pollution or supposed natural disaster or from some major catastrophe we will be dying for the rich and powerful who only benefit from the destruction of this planet.

Those that speak the truth and resist cult mind control will be targeted and oppressed for life.

Passing into the 21st century I am considered a relic from.the.past. left behind with a past era and sensibility. Which is not necessary and is merely more brainwashing.

The people you are allowing to destroy your health, your environment and your true quality of life already have their sights set on Mars or other alternatives.

They could care less about you than any other of the 'useless eaters'.

Overpopulation could be handled by being realistic with people and having limits on births. All sorts of sane things could be done to help with difficulties now but they as usual choose exploitation instead and going out in some holy blaze of glory.

That is not quality of life but it is a fantastic death fantasy that they have us all cult mind controlled into.


  1. Trolling is another part of gangstalking. There are plenty of anonymous trolls on the internet. This proves they are perfectly capable of going after these people if they wanted to.


  2. When I was an engineering student at State, we used to all talk about MIT, how great their Engineering programs were, how they were ranked #1 in both Electrical and Computer Engineering. Now, I'm kind of glad I didn't go there. I've heard MIT is the "bad" side of Cambridge. Plus, it's expensive as all hell to attend. Over here, they are having steep tuition cuts for their state universities. Really, it seems the economy for the "ordinary person" has gone complete to shit. I see where Obama is proposing higher taxes for the wealthy. But that won't stop the abusers from abusing.

  3. Getting "threatening" remarks, like "your career is over", and there has been an effort to paint me as a stalker lately. That I "stalk women". I guess lying in wait for a victim, to carry out a harassment skit isn't stalking. Note the the Kings behind this and all of their followers are committing no crime at all. There is no stalking, no harassment, completely absolved of any crime. Why? Because they are in the majority, and might makes right. I think the Founding Fathers would be freaking right now, to think they fought so hard to have their Nation end up like this.

    And then we have large corporations who just run over anyone in their way, traditions included:


    THF Realty just tore down a historic building over here to make way for another (Yawn) Wal-Mart. And this Wal-Mart had perps, per usual. Except the harassment was a lot worse than any other Wal-Marts. Hey Walmart, can't you leave our historic buildings alone? Go back to Arkansas, and tear down your own historic buildings?