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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rapes In US Military Reflect The Abuse Of Female And Male TIs

This article is VERY revealing. It tells me that the harrassment I have been getting for these many years sounds very much like a typical military attitude and approach to women.
A female soldier considered a "whore" becuz she had a boyfriend and not a.husband?! The military will only allow women to be percived as a bitch, a ho or a duke?? 71% sexually assaulted? What is this b*llshit?

These are the people running the country now? Well it explains gs in part and it explains the social climate of the country presently, and since Bush when this well funded monster was let loose on our country and many parts of their culture have trickled down obviously.

It sounds like constant psy warfare on the women. What I don't understand is why these women have not done what women usually do in these situations historically: ban together silently, plot, scheme and plan to defend themselves from males and even punish any offenders. It seems that taking away female culture from days of old and replacing it with equality or superwomanhood -having it all, has left women without Nature's original survival instincts.

THIS must be why I got so targeted for talking about creating a west point type institution for women only and training them by women only.
It must scare the shit out of these types of men to even imagine such an invention.

So the military just let's women in and still keeps a strangle hold on the culture. Its their world you just serve in it..hmph.

This must be why gang stalkers who are female are so ridiculous..they have actually internalized these men's attitudes and perceptions.

It seems my friends we are indeed dealing with a very dangerous enemy. One that most likely sees nothing wrong with mind control slavery if the female is from a bad home or if the women in the family are percieved as 'whores'.

I wonder what they thought of my grandmother back in the Marines?

And this is a faction who's actions are validated by claiming they want to help establish equality for oppressed women in Muslim countries.

Don't count on society dismissing me as merely mentally ill forever. Becuz now I have much more to be pissed about.

Finally some actions that count:

That is such a gang stalking move isn't it? To be told they lost your panties for evidence in a rape trial but then to receive a call telling you to come pick them up at the investigative office. That is exactly the kind of sh*t that perps do especially during Bush.

This also validates for me alot of the sexual content of the abuse of me via tech, most brutal during Bush as well as this delivery system used for rape as part of behavior modification. As well as the behavior modification used in an attempt to make me over into Pollyanna Pureheart type woman.

This also validates an especially brutal time frame here in Boston where I was hit hard with something that kept me paralyzed, forced my vulva to flower and swell while sitting and then repeated over and over loudly and clearly "Men rule the world" and tapered off with "don't ever forget that"..
Its best I could and I know I posted it after it happened.

It also fits in nicely with twice being around military bases and feeling heated up and hit with tech, being informed that I was The Whore of Babylon and in the northwest it was some fascination with my being a true warrior but it definately revolved around sex and a military cult like approach to warrior women and sex.

I can imagine guys like this differentiating between simply fellow female soldiers and what they consider something more elite.

However the arrogance and the beat downs, the abductions by whole groups of perps on buses and tinkering with my programming in one of those abductions is a bit much. Also many times after such a perp group session after everyone went into the bus station they'd have these seductive little kids come hang all over me and I would pull away or parade a little boy in front of me.
This would be the Satanic end of the military involvement, especially considering I had to deal with the likes of Eddie Cox from Cajun Louisiana on one such bus trip showing me pics of his 'little princesses' on his cell phone.

He's supposedly a COS member. Once again the trail goes from Satanic factions to the military. Aquino, MindWar all of it.

There is the answer to the sensible question 'why don't they find these people and arrest them?'. Who's going to mess with this kind of power structure?

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  1. Thanks for the "seductive kids" part. I see these all the time. They even had a headline in the newspaper to go along with this. In the Post Gazette online, the headline read "Here come the snacks", timed to the entrance very young girls, either freshman high school or late junior high. They do this all the time... headlines timed to some event they are pulling which is part of their powerful network. And I know they have control of the Tribune Review as well as the Post Gazette, to have content that deals with what they are doing with my harassment.

    Goes to show you their mentality. "Here come the snacks", when a bunch of junior high girls come in to where I am eating. They also try this with boys, too. They will have a period where they only send in little boys of this age. Then, after a period, like maybe weeks or months, they'll repeat this with girls instead of boys. One particular TI called this the "preteen assault squad". The way he talked about it was kind of creepy, too, like he was kind of enjoying it.