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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Since America seems to have no use for me maybe I should go to Scandinavia and start a revolt to destroy invading Muslim males who insist on spreading their ignorance with their penises. Hell of a way to proselytize.

Chemical castration comes to mind as a cure for this bs. Get all in jail, and make special jails for em, say matching conditions in Texas prisons. Then after yer sure you have the right Muslim brats its Depo- Provera shots for life.

We need to get the right kind of American females together and go over there to teach our sisters how to destroy these F*ckers so that thoughts like these no longer dare enter their minds.

I highly suggest manditory karate classes and mace for all girls starting as soon as they can walk as toddlers...cuz that seems to be these boys tastes in the age for raping girls over there anyway.

Let's get back that Viking spirit ladies. Cuz you've got some pillaging of invaders to do. Serious destruction of an enemy. Don't disappoint us over here.

Isn't that so typical of a woman. I can't defend myself but I can easily become roused to fight for others.

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