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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Big Nosed Perps..Which Cousin Is It?

Shuttle bus coming out of airport. Two men with noses so big and so curved that they had to be Middle Eastern. They looked like Arabs but with Jewish noses..Israelis? They were either messing with me becuz they genuinely think my.predicament is funny or they are perps sent locally to try to instigate a freakout from me.

I caught one of them smiling like a mocking asshole when looking in the windows reflection at me. He then looked at his friend as if to say..'hey look its that woman who everyone makes fun of who's life has been ruined'. His friend I think knew better and didn't want an explosive situation so kept rubbing his eyes...for way longer than normal. Like trying to avoid his friend.

I stared, got him to look, he lost the smirk, but then as I got out it returned. Same old hide from the TI yer making fun of them. As I walked from bus he regained his smirk. I gave him the finger and told them to have a nice flight back to Israel.
He of course got what he wanted from the reaction.

The bus ride too was strange..driver sang loudly and drove carelessly.

Either that TI was truly a perp and she blew my spot or Rachel told becuz its her spot too. I told two other people.

Either way it seems that i'm being gang stalked at a location not formely with alot of action..there was always action in a very specific area but the rest was peaceful.

The statey undercover car just rode by in a specific manner..telling me what I already know. Get out of here there's a trap afoot and there's gonna be a scene.

The most compelling perps, the most arrogant who seem to know the most are usually Middle Eastern, either seeming Arab or claiming they are from Isreal. Blacks are the most numerous but the Middle Eastern ones are by far the most arrogant in all my years of being harrassed. Yes..always men.

In San Diego a man working at the sunglasses hut cart in the downtown mall was also Middle Eastern and had the audacity to out of nowhere upon completing my purchase say goodbye by stating: "Try to stay out of trouble, Rachael". I did NOT tell this f*cked my name at any point.SD is very indifferent to poor people, I didn't converse with any local sales people.

There have been other instances of gs perps using this tactic to add to the brainwash that I am the one at fault and I am 'in trouble' opposed to the gs system being the aggressor in this ordeal.

Two cops in St Louis MO 2008 and one other..I can't place right now.

The Isreali perp in Kenmore seemed really freaked out that I understood the process of internal programming. But was totally how this could be.

Another in SD who was Arab greeted me on sight with "You arrre so smahrrt", so he knows the whole deal too.

I don't fully understand all that goes on but I gotta remember that the Middle East has ALOT to do.with what's going on right now..what's been going on since 2001.

Keep on smilin'..


Anonymous said...

I believe some of my harassment is to beat me down. To make me think women are superior to me in many ways. Interesting how I am able to catch on to their tactics as just perp tactics, though. So that kind of erases the "smart" part of it. Isn't it interesting how so many perps we encounter do the things they do, thinking we're stupid or something, when we know they are just typical attention-grabbing assholes working for a corrupt system of attention-hogging assholes. I know they represent the people they work for very well. If they were truly superior, they wouldn't have to saturate us with mocking, harassment, idiocy. Interesting how they can't rule the world without beating down the individualistic smart ones, the cream of the crop in terms of quality, with their low-quality superficial crap.

Anonymous said...

I get those same exact looks as you, too. But who knows exactly what they're thinking, if they are actually thinking that, or if it's just not basic stupidity on their part. Imagine, with all the toys and vices that even people with meager salaries can afford, like strip clubs, bars, etc., and they still find stupid shit like our situations funny. Maybe they aren't having as much fun as they think. If the powers that be would only buy these losers a mistress instead of beating us down, do you think they would still be smirking like idiots?