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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Harrassment To Keep Me Away From My Past and Resources

Its amazing the way something political can be made into something so personal..or for it to seem that way.

Its definately harrassment to silence and discredit concerning MK Ultra and programming but it can be made to seem like other things related.

Its difficult to stay focused on the real issuess. Especially so staying in Cambridge. The air pollution, the use of tech to manage the population as well as the constant stream of gang stalking behavior and the fact its a familiar old stomping ground makes it very hard to resist being brainwashed. Even in just a few days. Whenever I go outside the city I feel the effects lift. Even just to a MBTA train stop where the tech seems to taper off.

This is.why Julie years ago warned me by saying she hasn't gone into the city since ...I think she inferred the fed investigation.

But with my situation it doesn't matter where I go I get harrassed anyway. So I figure I might as well stay where I can get resources.

Its also illegal and grossly unfair to create a police state where you use covert methods to keep certain factions out of the cities.

They want to make it appear its becuz i'm poor or immoral etc so its gang stalking to keep the riff raff out but that is nonsense considering how much riff raff there is in Central Sq and all over Boston. Cambridge uses heavy gang stalking to harrass anulyone unsavory out of East Cambridge and other sections.

They just don't want me to be able to get resources that will get my work done or to have any connection to my birthplace or recall all the harrassment in that area. Its certainly a way of obstructing justice certainly.

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