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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To the people who were trying to get me to go to UMass: I understand now why. And I am sorry I did no take heed. I understand better now and will see if anything can be salvaged.

I was a fool. I was arrogant and over confident in my guards and walls, the ability to block such influences.

I thought Oh the crazy Christian factions, I can handle them, they're not strong.'. Perhaps the real 'God' is worth consulting but that is a concept that is relative to what each person percieves as their version of a godhead. The Christain cult is simply more state sponsored brainwashing insanity..and I simply didn't fully realize.that to them any version of.Mayo is a threat. That Rosicrucians are a threat or any branch of.the ancient sun cult. Any belief system that takes away from Jews being percieved as the root of all religion and the world.for.that matter is a threat.
We have seen this overtly.acted on in Israel. That country some years ago targeted and persecuted a.metal band in their country not for Satanic lyrics or content (of course not) but for Zoastrianism

Another reason to get rid of Persians. I wouldn't be surprised if Islam wasn't purposefully invented to destroy these ancient peoples and their belief systems.

How convenient Egypt is also converted as well.

Yet I have to say that even Jews probably wouldn't be as brain dead as the Christian faction who has been at me all these years. And their goal is to make me equally as brain dead as well.

I will never forget being tortured in St Louis during Bush, really horrible stuff and hearing this loud and clear voice telling me to SERVE HUMANITY. It didn't make sense as that is all I wanted to do to begin with by becoming a councillor. What they want is slaves to serve this collective idea of humanity as cult mind controlled colts with brain damage so select people will be congrollled.

Look at Obama, telling people to serve their communities and after all Americans have been through during Bush and then the economy. Its a mind control or brainwashing tactic. Instead he should be dealing with what happened during Bush but he and others refuse to.

His job continue.the brain washing program on America by taking the people into the next phase, dealing with what was done during Bush would only break the spell if you will.

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