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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Once Again Less Harassment During Holidays

The harrassment via remote influence seemed less yesterday and I realized its a holiday. So this weekend should be pretty easy as far as tech goes to terrorize me.

I feel as if psychic warriors or spies are still being used regularly however, to perhaps gauge the TIs mood and mental state, certainly as a means of control and continued management if the person.

Yes, it goes that far. It was more overt during Bush.

Hey, I can afford to admit this kind of thing. My mothers documented human experimentee connected to MK Ultra. Anything along the lines of building a super soldier or similar is possible.

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Anonymous said...

My harrassment seemed to intensify after obama got in office. I've just recently had my eyes opened to this sickening new game. I call it a game because the participants scatter around like children laughing and whispering, all trying to have their turn at harrassing me. I too am aware of the activity with the cell providers. I received a text message a few weeks ago from virgin about donating ten dollars to the japan Disaster. about an hour after that some nut knocked on my door to ask me to help him put his coat on and started talking about a rock album he wanted to buy for ten dollars. What puzzles me is that people seem to actually get pleasure from being involved with this. I could be wrong but it seems to me that the nation is turning in upon itself. Our society may very well be crumbling by design.