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Saturday, April 30, 2011

surrounded by people who support the gang stalking system

The main these thing that's so destructive to the TI is the gaslighting and dishonesty.

The public insist on referring to this person as stupid or other negative labels but refuse to tell the TI the truth.

Lately the ploy seems to be to keep crazies and distractions around me like at the day drop in I go to. People who I am friendly with are people who know.the truth about some portion of my story and act like they don't.

The woman I currently hang out with knows something as she's commented in the past that money makes the world go round in connection to my situation. Like payoffs have kept me alive and protected.

She often talks nonsense or gibberish to me or talks at unopportune moments when Im busy doing something.

All of this is what helps keep the TI down in their emotional and spiritual prison.

People seem to continue what the system started and keeping simple facts and truths from the person is the way to do that.

It also seems like this may be a collective ploy as part of behavior modification to get me to.go to UMass. They figure I'll get so sick of stupidity and low quality people that I will seek a better life or class of people in reaction to this.

But I was going to go to UMass anyway back in 2004 or so. What, I needed to be brain damaged first? I needed to be beaten down and have my health compromised? What now I am ready becuz there is little remnance or memory of internal programming? Yeah there's also little remnance of my high intelligence or amazing recall ability either.

I will not enter college under THEIR conditions nor will I enter school as a beat down 40 year old when I was supposed to enter college as a bright, brilliant smart multi talented 34 year old.

This is all part of the cover up. They continue to insist on THEIR version of reality which is false and leaves me completely without recourse or vegence and the system and the public without consequences.

They destroyed any chance I had left to excersise my artistic talent as well as my intelligence and years of life experience.

They screwed me up very badly. Now the gs system and the public at this level I am being held down at against my Will seem to keep persisting that a cover story or false version of reality be perpetuated and sealed firmly in place once again to exonerate the guilty and keep me down at an 'average' level below my true capacity for life.

Laura, Mitt Romney's family member and ex girlfriend of Jakes childhood friend, while I was in that hostel in St Louis made it perfectly clear that whoever is part of this system, their job is to continue to keep me down and keep me from my true achievement levels. My mother always did that and other people throughout my life have been clear in their actions to this end. Scott told me right to my face this entire systematic control was to keep me down.

And its plain that is indeed the truth.

I refuse to attend college without proper justice being served on those who ruined my health and my life or at least an expose documenting such events.

And these lowlifes and social services jealous nobodies can be in on this all they want. The only reason I would go to UMass is to assist with the expose. Im sure once I enrolled there would be a million distractions and gs activity to side track me.

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