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Friday, April 22, 2011

Gang Stalking: The Hidden Factor

Economics of gang stalking.

In the Harvard CoOp few months ago. Looking over at shelves of books trying to explain economics, freakonomics. Self help section. Esotrica- card reading, astrology, past lives.
World Politics. Anthropology. Law.

I realized that all of these works are invalid. Meaningless.
Becuz nothing on those shelves takes into account covert warfare, black ops, psy ops, or 'organized stalking and harrassment' campaigns. This powerful unseen force plays a major role in forming the world we live in. It shapes our very reality and perceptions.

Even black market money, trade and commerce I am sure is accounted somewhere-in one of the more advanced and honest economics and law books. Even the billions 'misplaced' by the military is included in the economy somewhere on those shelves.

But rare is the work that includes the ways and means in which a world power's interests are marked, targeted, secured, worked on then protected by a covert system of torture, murder, spying, exploitation and dirty tricks.

I highly suspect the majority of those books on the shelves of the once truly prestiges Harvard CoOp would read very differently if such a major invisible factor.was included.

It would be as simple as switching your Windows settings to "show hidden files".

It sucks to know that without outside manipulations, technologies are neutral and can be used to reveal simple truths easily...that could cripple a nation or an entire world and it's agreed upon realities.

Ha. Ha.

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  1. I've seen this firsthand time and again, like the deal with Rachel's comment about you supposedly being a rapist. I've gotten the same type of comments, not exactly the same thing. The deal is that she is defending the wonderful System she loves so much. You said the System is akin to being raped and messed with against your will. So of course, that warranted the little "eye for an eye" remark that YOU are a rapist. Why? Because you dared say the System itself is a rapist and the way perps operate are akin to rape. I've gotten the same deal with sentiments I've internalized, not verbalized, about some of the perps, gangstalkers, weirds, the System itself. It's one of those deals where they are further imprisoning us by not allowing us to call an apple an apple or an orange an orange. Rather, they are taking well-justified sentiments we have have against "them" and the System, and having operatives, shills, lovers of the System, etc., throw it back to us to "get even" for that negative sentiment towards them.