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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Privacy Concern Smart Phones

I've known this for years. The cops at D14 in Brighton used to mess with my phone when I'd go by the station. It would always turn analog and stop working..this is back in 2003 or 2004 when certain models could still switch.
I can sense this by the way certain things go now with this phone. But its better than Virgin Mobile, who are total perps and belelieve me I have just cause to say that. You should have heard the guy at Virgin when I said I wanted to take my number and leave them. He was African American and I could hear in his voice he was pisses as hell. The power was being taken away.

Its well known among TIs that since 9-11 cops just have done as they please. Under the guise of police work of course.

They way they used the confusion of the war to cover destroying my life. What I still can't understand is if my mother is a victim of harassment connected to MK Ultra why would she turn on me on their behalf.

Ill never forget being in the D-14 police station and my mother being there...looking back the creepy vibe was gang stalking with a good dose of gaslighting.

This morning a statey and didn't think I saw him..I hope it was genuine anyway- he felt bad you can tell.
If it was genuine then it means there are many people left who are genuinely human. Its hopeful anyway.

To imagine that something so illegal and unethical could be pulled off under the guise of reforming a person or some other moral grounds. The amount of police and people in on this was and is astonishing.

The country is totally f*cked and real govt can only do so much.

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