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Friday, April 15, 2011

An Article That Adds To My Case As A Second Generation Human Experimentee I posted a piece on this Dr and reasearcher- about the Learned Helplessness with dogs. And how it resembles my situation as a Targeted Individual so precisely that it really does add to my case, and the fact that this person was involved in the CIA/military human experimentation MK Ultra type breaking people down using torture and psychology. It fits too well. Now I learn that this researcher and friends have pinpointed 'spritual fitness' or strength as the key way to beat learned helplessness with optimism. If you recall the point of the experiment with dogs was to attach them to electric shockers in a box I believe and most of them got depressed as they 'learned' to feel 'helpless' from not being able to control the unpredictability of the electric shocks. But one dog did not become depressed. And somehow got control of the situation I forget the whole thing. I will see if I can hunt down that post it was just a few months ago. So they are very interested in this special dog that does not succumb to depression or learning to be helpless. This resembles my gang stalking campaign so closely I knew that it was part of the experimentation. And this researcher being connected to the radiation/MK Ultra experimentation involving torture to break down a person, my mother having both parents in the Marines and being a documented human radiation experimentee from those infamous warcrimes- sealed the deal for me as far as it being obvious it was related to my situation. Now this. What the researchers have done is to find in HUMANS obviously what quality or condition makes a human subject of such experimentation (gang stalking being the unpredictable electric shock treatment and terror) not succumb to learning to be helpless or depression. This ties in perfectly with the rest of what has been happening to me over the years if not my whole life. Things I havent put into this blog due to it being sensitive information as well as part of my inner thoughts or memories so not really pertinent. I now understand why they were playing with religion so much. I thought it was just a way to try to get a Targeted mind control Survivor under some sort of control via more cult brainwashing. It seemed that either religion would do- Satanism and Christianity were pushed heavily and at different phases. Curiously it seems there were things about me they didnt know. I mean they came at me wearing satanic t-shirts and such (often looking new like they just opened it out of a bag before doing thier perp theatres, often with folds still in the shirt- duh.). Saying things like "wheres yer god now", kids saying real stupid shit randomly as they would encounter me. It was bizarre becuz due to my programming its one large portion of Rosicrucian content and a small portion of what seems military related Satanic resulting from SRA. None of it made sense...except that everything they seemed to come up with was strictly a reaction or formed out of surveillence from within my home or phone calls etc. I know I was looking out my window alot at that apartment I had, I think one day it was so glorius out so sunny, that I looked into the clouds and exclaimed it was like looking into the face of God. Hey, Im an artist here, on Monday the world may seem that way to me, but on Wednesday Id probably be looking out the window cursing humanity and wanting to pretend to pick off the assholes at the bar across the street who were messing with me. It seems that this is where they got thier content from for thier campaign. Its as if they knew a bit about me but what they needed to know further they would send those info hounds out to corner me and interrogate- on busses or other public spaces. Now of course all they have to do is read the blog to get info about me, which I believe was on purpose and pre planned. They knew I would have to do this to defend my life so it works out for them. Now they know deep things about me, my life, my programming and the way I think. Once they realized what the programming consisted of, they seemed to switch to pushing Christiantiy heavily and especially here in Boston area are still doing so. But it always seemed like the focus was mind control, not truly religion. They only threat was any form of belief system where MY WILL was in control and not The State or society..or the gang stalking brain washing system. I now understand this better. The experiments from MK Ultra may have been to break down programmed agents who wouldnt respond to normal torture for interrigation, but its seems that the opposite was being studied this time. Those of us who did not succumb to torture, stalking, harassment etc. What was our secret. This actually explains all the torture as well. Part of my programming has within it, as I mentioned this Templar sort of content. From the root of my infancy there was anchored in me, within that portion of my programming anyway, a sort of spiritual fitness if you will. Something to keep one focused on doing good for humanity. Its like being trained to be a K-9 where you assist and dont attack innocent stupid humans unless they are a true threat. Whatever the reason, it seems this quality is what they believe makes people not succumb to depression or learned helplessness from torture and imprisonment. I am sure this is what they were doing in GITMO as well, it would make sense.

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