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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Targeting of Acedemics In Iraq As Part of Ethnic Cleansing

I have often spoke of the process that a Targeted Individual goes through with being 'gang stalked', the full treatment, as being invaded by an army and then destroyed, broken down and finally attempted occupation. Interestingly this occurred most often during the Iraq war years.

I have noted that everything that goes on that is overt with military and intelligence related on an official level is usually parallel with what occurs covertly in those same areas.
Like fashion trend.

Its interesting then that as one would build a dictatorship, the acedemic classes of Iraq were destroyed shadowy means of course.
Now you know damn well readers that I do NOT waste my time or yours usually on world events that dont mean sh*t to TI's. I only recently included the NWO becuz it became obvious that it was pertinent to being Gang Stalked. And during Bush if we talked about such things, it would only validate one's name on some list somewhere besides it was discrediting during Bush becuz many conspiracy theorists including the 9-11 truthers were including it.

Sure 9-11 is part of all this as without it, the infringement on rights and liberties wouldn't have been possible, and then the shadow system would have had a much harder time with thier little MK Ultra clean up operation...getting rid of anyone broke programming, had proof of thier status as an experimentee etc.

Also note the "deafening silence" this author is also dealing with as a person focusing on the more sinister side of these events since Bush.

I myself am shocked that in such a politically correct obsessive culture, one that strives to respect all cultures and preserve native ones, that people in the western world were not more outraged at destroying Persian acedemic materials. And if it had been posed to the public as destroying PERSIA instead of that vilified and hated IRAQ full of dirty Muslims then there may have been some outcry.

Its all perception management as usual. Its marketing. This is what you are supposed to care about, this is what we want you to hate on and this is information you should ignore and treat lightly anyone who takes it seriously.

Its very 1984-ish. This way of teaching an entire population to single out one activist that makes sense and mock him and discredit that person's work..but using the mob mentality.

What I hated about that book is it seems like it was written to actually assist in the breaking of spirits that are rebellious especially at this time. The very idea that we have an actual book that seems to almost be a guide for creating the NWO at this time, is eerie. Moreso is the way that people causally refer to this work as an example of what is happening to our society, but let it happen anyway. Its just another fact to systematically ignore and make light of. To belittle.

If anything 1984 helps in the brainwashing of what is going on today. It is not a book that seems written to assist a passionate, rebellious spirit. Its a very depressing book and its affects are suspect.

People need to focus less on works of fiction that are used as mind f*cks when all around us there are real examples from real life of injustices that should be called on and tackled.

"The goal was to liquidate the intellectual class, which would naturally be the basis for a new democratic state. It is that sinister. So sinister that it is difficult to believe. And yet it is true: the elimination of academics and other professionals from the middle class served the first and highest war aim: the destruction of the Iraqi state. "State-ending" instead of "nation building".

According to the editors of the book this war objective was a decision taken when three parties aligned: the neoconservatives who wanted permanent bases in a geographical strategy of military domination; Israel that did not want a powerful state in its backyard; and the oil industry that wanted to lay its hand on one of the largest oil reserves in the world. This I have also written seven years ago. Now it’s there, in black and white, with many footnotes, well documented in a book published by an internationally renowned publishing house (Pluto Press). Perhaps the world will now finally start to realize the truth."

Another example of the same systematic destruction and occupation of a country yet TI's experience this much in the same way as Winston in the 1984 novel. These things are occurring domestically on individual levels and on a nationwide scale overseas.

Its one thing to want a global society with individuals to live in it. Its quite another to want a global society where everyone is controlled, down to thier core by the state. Everyone who doesnt fit into thier vision of the future, thier plans. And destroying Persian culture is a part of mnemocide (destruction of the collective memory) as is destroying individual's memories of who they really are.

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