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Monday, April 25, 2011

How Important Activism Is Snuffed Out By Psychological Manipulation

There is absolutely NO reason why nuclear power should be aligned with the Green Movement. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

This is exactly what I mean by ending the 90's which was populated by so many Gen Xers who grew up with parents who had 60's values and were activists. The 'forgetting' of anti-nuke or No Nukes movement is simply due to manipulation over the long term.

Humans are very easy to brainwash and control and persuade. People dont like to believe this is true, but the keep to being as wise as serpents is to realize that you are human, you are in a mammalian body, social creatures and very suseceptible to being manipualted- then you can know your limitations and be realistic about being decieved.

Nuclear power, waste and the creation of nuclear anything has not changed since it was found to be dangerous to human health. What has changed is THE PERCEPTIONS of those dangers and in the good ol intelligence world its known as PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT. The idea that nuclear power could be green is clinically insane. But humans historically run thier civilizations like insane beings anyway. Just becuz we have science does not mean that we are using it wisely. The greatest danger to humanity is not science itself its the greed that runs businesses. People are animals that run with the dollar. Greedly people want to make money and the often dont care about the consequences to other people or even to themselves. Whey they dont see the danger to thier OWN eminent survival I will never ever understand. Perhaps having so much money makes one feel..impervious to destruction.

The reality is that the very wealthy can afford to purchase science for thier personal use in the form of gaining shielding from the reprecussions of natural or man made disasters. Soon if not now even, they can live underground or go to live on the already built and scientist occupied space station. Mars is a future possibility, there are little models of future life on Mars around Harvard Sq in Cambridge where I stay frequently. Its already on thier minds and there are already steps to make these things a reality.

This means that the extremely wealthy dont have to worry about such things..which means that they will partake in large scale deceptions such as nuclear power being Green. Becuz they dont have to care about the repricussions of those lies. If its not green it turns out in the end- they have the means to live on with little interruption whereas common people may have trouble getting food, healthcare or water. And they made thier money to insure their survival by either directly being involved in the deception or perception management concerning such things or by cooperating with such industries within thier profession or industry.

The environment is not getting any better. Cleaning up some emissions in selected countries is not enough. Humans have not changed the way thier live or their consumer cultures. The invention of plastic in itself is dangerous and completely irresponsible. And you think thats solved by recycling?! Again ridiculous.

The only hope is that humans are inventive, creative and resilient. Also Nature tends to evolve human bodies to adapt to new conditions but that happens over such long term I dont know if it could help.

One other theory is that all this destruction of the natural environment is going to create a need for bio technologies such as fusing man with machine to be able to survive a climate that becomes uninhabitable to our mammalian bodies. More money to be made.

The reason that they snuff movements like this out or PHASE them out which is what was done basically is that conservation and stopping money making industries is just not acceptable. However, creating new industries to help assist with the messes made by the originally destructive industries sounds like a money makers dream, which is of course the kinds of people you are dealing with in very powerful positions or in large numbers in business and industry.

However, the worst insult is not the damage done to humans physically or otherwise as we are all going to die someday anyway. Its in being duped into believing such things when it might be less alarming to just accept that these are bs tactics in order to get you to peacefully accept and live with being in a constant state of manipulation from industry.

I personally cant stand cheap drama, which is what people seem to get with terror alerts in red like during Bush or after Japans tsunami. Unfortunately, alot of human beings especially in America, have this penchant for childish teen age type addiction to drama as opposed to actually living in reality like an adult. Why this is I dont know but its one of the things that many more European spirited Americans like myself has trouble with in the USA making us feel as if we belong back in the homelands of 100 years ago and coming here wasnt such a good idea for our ancestors.

But these problems are world wide now due to globalization as well as America pushing its culture of mindlessness, childishness, dumb down, agro and expendability all over the globe.

The only remedy is critical thinking and avoiding falling into traps DESIGNED to suck you in.

Just look at it like much of what yer told is a con. That should make life alot easier.

THANK YOU and respect out to all those "aging hippies" who stood by thier original values and know what is important and stuck with it even though the offending industries have created a new tactic where lies are somehow believed as true instead of just old fashioned rejection of dissidents. Getting the public to believe that nuclear power is green has to be a great trick and the brainwashing system in place now is very sophisticated. Thank you for keeping the stations manned.

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Anonymous said...

Everything about our culture is "cheap and fast": fast food, Wal-Marts, where you fly in and out like a Robin gathering items for her nest. I guess that pretty much nails it for me. I have a love for European culture, but didn't think I was "European minded", as you say. I keep telling my family I'd like to go to Vienna some day, and some parts of Germany, and even Poland and others. But they don't seem too interested in it. They just watch or listen to whatever is thrown at them on TV, like nCSI. Another crap show with cheap drama. And the "Investigators" on the show are all good guys, of course, who intimidate the "bad" guys at will. And there is lots of graphic gore there, like badly burned bodies, dead bodies, etc. And they don't even seem phased by it! I remember back in the 70's, as a kid growing up, this would never fly! They wouldn't even look at the TV if something like this was shown. Yet shows like this regularly show stuff. I think this is a deliberate part of brainwashing, or the people behind gangstalking are so used to seeing things like this, they aren't phased by it. So they feel neither should anyone else. I personally think it's in very bad taste. This is the same culture that moralizes over nudity. But meanwhile, here is a badly burned nude body on TV, and it's OK with them. I saw some young girls acting like everyone else, like when they were walking past, making their remarks and quips like everyone else does these days. I think it's because their families and everyone around them does it, and their programming is derived from their environment.