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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just Stared Perp Car Out Of Area

ZipCar: the choice of perps in cities nationwide!

What are they hoping to hear by parking outside. They've been doing this for years. It has really interfered with my whole life- health, everything.

Cuz you can sense the recieving party's reactions and KNOW yer being either listened to or watched. Its one of the gang stalking factors that's kept me.from my own life for years. I can't get a laywer, take care of my health or do anything outside the bare minimum due to sensing some idiot is observing whn im in certain settings.

And these guys usually seem amused or pleased by what they observe. Im seriously tired of being a barbie doll or whatever they percieve. It is one of.the major ways.they subvert the Will.

There's got to be a way to observe someone without interfacing or having them sense.your presence and reactions.

I can't focus on myself if im always focusing on the often present Other.

And no paranoia accusations becuz I have too much cred with this considering my family, my former associates and that MK Ultra connection through my.mother.

I am such a credible TI they've work very hard to make me go off or act erratic or discredit me.

'Hugger'Mark from NA spoke of my suspicions that Jake and some crowd of his might be either filming my apartment or spying in some way: "Well, its not hurting you". But indeed it has hurt me for years on end now.

And being under mind control via outside sources like tech and stalking/harassment as well as internally deprogramming made it impossible to grasp the situation as reality.

They really know how to handle and exploit mind control Survivors.

And who'd have thought that NA would have such a nasty pedophile ring in it they would have to protect so vehemently?

Any woman who.rejected men like Mark and his hugs or other advances was tormented.

Im sure all those assholes think they got away with all of it.

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  1. I always wondered how they pulled this off. I have one incident where some older guy in a sedan was parked outside, and when I opened the front door to see what he was doing, he tried to mask his activity by slowly driving off and pretending to look for a house. Surely they don't have access to sophisticated tech., as they appear to be ordinary joe schmoes. Maybe they are getting some sort of feed via their cell phone. I can't tell you how many times perps and informants around me have received phone calls and texts, and then started having directed conversations immediately afterwards while on the cell.