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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Fun With Fascism

Just saw one if.those k9s inaction. The dog is completely programmed, no brains of its own left at all.

Some idiot asked what kind if dog it was and mr fascist in his dark blues gave a.cold detached "a German shepard" in a typical exclusionary and elitist manner.
He himself is.most likely conditioned to a lesser degree than risk the now mindless mechanical l8.

The let the dog loose and the dog runs past the row of seats.
Then when he doesn't stop mr.fascist makes it obvious and pulls him in and leashes him in front of everyone he just whisked by he and his robot dog silently walk away.

Firstly with all the corruption I have seen this is a joke.

Secondly, its psychological intimidation the way its done and its what is known as false security which TSA and related services under the umbrella of Anti Terrorism Joint Taskforce has gotten past criticism for.

False security is when a show of power is intimidation but doesn't really provide any real security.

Such as military dressed men with automatic weapons in a train station as in the event of them using such weapons it would be more dangerous to crowds to begin with.

The idea of an unleashed dog trained to kill or maim another human being running past me is not comforting.

This might be reaching a little and perhaps the dog does catch.drug runners in this manner but we all know they never catch the big guys on purpose.

Nowadys they just want to make sure that drug lords don't mess with any gifts that's all.

So these actions are really for the purpose of keeling the military industrial complex in business as well as security services. Every emporer knows to keep the guard paid to a avoid a take over, which cleverly hasn't happened overtly politically here but via economically through the military industrial complex.

Also this is to condition the American public not only to become used to constant surveillance but in future probably the replacement of robots to do the same task as mr fascist and his dog.

Manufactured of course by the mitary industrial complex.
Get those contracts and keep on shinin..

Becuz its all bullshit anyway.

And instead of releasing such a dog on real drug dealers...only people like me get targeted for political and personal reasons of those in power becuz the point isn't really to solve crime, its to crush rebellion or exposure of an unnecessary police state.

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