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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tactics Used Around The Central Sq/MIT Area Lately-Maintaining The Target's Psychological Prison

Lately the gang stalking has been being maintined by a near constant stream of perps doing a modified version of checking their wallets and making sure I am focused on. Even if they have their wallets in their hands paying for something.

And people walking by me looking concerned or like they feel bad and nervous to walk by me.
Of course there is still head hanging as a ritualistic repetitive psychological warfare tactic but it is used less frequently now every day.

All these tactics are done by all genders and races but lately its been white YUPy types or student looking Caucasians.

Just like people hanging their heads I have now caught a few people looking back at someone or something after pulling the tactic of the very subtle anxious, feel bad mode upon passing or caught them looking back to see a reaction in me, so I now am sure its a tactic.

This is most likely to brainwash me to believe that my situation is fatal and the community has permanently rejecting me as well as is totallly and constantly skeeved out by me.

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MIke C said...

They are aware that they will be burning in hell, and hate to be reminded of this fact. Bring it to their attention they will be punished, and sent to hell for being a devil. Tell them their bloodline is of the demons, and they are damned to breed demon children from their seed or womb. I'm telling you it will piss them off.