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Thursday, April 21, 2011

CVS Staff Central Sq Cambridge perp

Tall fat black kid works at night CVS in Central Sq Cambridge MA, the one I had trouble with before. PERP. Overt, no doubts. He messed with me in Wendys next door, probably walking out on the job again.

He pulls mysonginist racist crap like walking out whenever he feels like it to get coffee without telling his young white female coworker in photo and that he's doing so when she's the only one there. His manager is a male who could give a.shit less what his black homey does, cuz hey,regardless of race they're both men right?

Last month he left her alone with multiple people needing assistance on the floor and the store ground to a 15 min stand still that seemed to last forever.

One neighborhood left totally alone with three female pharmacisists and aisles of stock for potential to rob or steal in a shitty neighborhood. 15 or.20 min.

Calling other staff from upstairs didn't help as they took 15 mdownstairs downstairs.

When confronted with what he did all he could do was give one of those dumb smiles with a slight head roll to it and repeat "Tiger Woods baby".

Which in his pea brain somehow means his work ethic can suck and he can be a sexist idiot becuz a part African American is a golf champion. Or is he referring to Woods having his career ruined by being targeted.

Another total idiot who knows about gang stalking and takes part for a power trip.

Just thought everyone should know in case you're a TI in Cambridge.

Most likely local gang level I doubt if it goes any further than that.

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