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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Google And CIA Invest In Predicting Future

First of all, drop the tin-foil-hat comments for good. Another reputable Cambridge entity, MIT debunked the tin foil hat idea years ago. Fact of the matter is that tin foil WOULD actually work if a human being was enveloped completely in foil the theory being this is what is done to block RFID cards. I wud like to see that tested.

For some reason props believe that simply tossing the 'tin foil hat' aside is somehow a reasonable metaphor for 'dont be a paranoid'. How about having the balls to say 'throw the MK Ultra records aside for now'?

We as a nation nor in any democratic part of the western world should do no such thing. The certain part of the CIA that had been documented to be involved in such unethical and illegal war crimes and human rights atrocities historically, usually in cahoots with the military, academia and the private sector should not be given any benefit of doubt at any time.

This faction LIVES on cover stories. WIRED is very useful to Targeted persons but its always understood that they pussyfoot around hard realities in order to stay in business.

Which is why usually they refrain from such stupid comments as the tin-foil-hat one used in this piece. However WIRED usually deals with the military and their technologies related to the industrial complex. I suppose that when dealing with the CIA they have to be a bit more careful.

People are afraid of and overwhelmed by the US military and much of their actions are validated. But the CIA is the kind of agency that had been under fire for many decades and if the public were truly aware of their actions, they would have to actually take on a whole new world view-so their minds wouldn't get blown by the truth concerning how evil, deceptive, underhanded and brutal intelligence agencies really are. Humans are capable if extreme violent and murderous actions on a large scale. Savage is what you'd call it and I mean without the sexy or the noble. An agency like the CIA is meant to find out the truth but also to deal covertly in man's brutal savagery out public view.
This might just be what makes civilization civilized.

However, their practices on some levels such as MK Ultra and related experimentation approach true madness if not cross that line. I understand that such covert factions include crime and criminals in order to ultimately control such entities from destroying society or gaining too much power but often the power tripping and arrogance and outright cruelty involved is over the top. Having such an effective underhanded criminal conspiracy might just be the only reason America is a world wide empire to begin with.

But for those of us who have suffered from and can trace their terror and murder and cruelty in our own lives..this is no joke, lighthearted subject matter nor do people like myself benefit from such actions.

The CIA teaming up with a search engine is a red flag to any of us who have seen the horrors they are capable of first hand.

No tin foil hat or other shielding is going to protect you from the possibility of human/computer interface through using the internet.

I now have a smart phone which I experience as being messed with when I am onto something or in the midst of being harrassed on the street. Camera malfunctions at the perfect moment being gang stalked, internet not working trying to publish something sensitive etc.

I knew before I bought it the monitoring capabilities of the gang stalking system through the internet as a TI as well as interference with cameras, video etc.

Its obvious that they are using the smart phone as a training device, part of the conditioning involved in behavior modification. Learning to use one to begin with change the very way we percieve the rest of our world and the way we think even is altered by having to learn to operate new technologies..duh.

I think Gen X knows this in general, being the last generation not born plugged in or tech native.

Fusing with tech as an improvement to humanity is not a bad concept at all. Under our own Will and working WITH tech. But since late Clinton and certainly brought in fully during Bush is a world where mind control has been introduced slowly to be used covertly on human beings- sneakily through the tech we use now daily.

There is a difference between tech in itself, in its pure and honest form as a neutral entity or tool being used then for good or progress and tech being used as a trojan horse of sorts, for methods of mind control to enter into the human psyche.

So let's NOT throw the historically documented antics of certain parts of this agency aside when considering such investment relationships.
But please do throw that old bs tin-foil-hat analogy aside. It sucks and its really stupid.

And did I NOT already figure out in my posts long ago that somewhere there had to be brainiac math guys with some whiz computer programs that info could be fed to and formulas used to predict events? Becuz that is how potentially smart I was and to a point, still am....which is of course why I'm targeted. Firstly they know from pudding me off and abusing me my whole life id use my intelligence to destroy the system if I could and they don't want anyone knowing that women can be that smart. That there does exist the alpha female who can also be beautiful, talented and intelligent.

In fact I have read there are very rich powerful men who make it their hobby to buy up and hide or destroy female made artworks or other amazing female creations to ensure that those full of shit history books stay true in the 21st century.

You can percieve me a paranoid feminist or you can face facts; mind control slavery exists on legions of operatives and expendable human beings, mass mind control is now fully implemented nationally and the neutral medium of technology is being used to enslave mankind. Without crime this agency could not exist, their documented track record historically proves that. Think about that next time you use a search engine believing its at your service and cyberland is a free and neutral place.

For average citizens who aren't a threat this may be their experience. For anyone already targeted or a potential to become one, consider the potential reality.
Of course its in Cambridge that event predicting company.

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