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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This Blog= Perp Job Easier

I have had time to think and rest. After years of this and many perps of.the black local gangs variety coming into On The Rise I realize that this particular blog is basically used by perps to make their job easier.

Years ago I was so harrassed and naive that I gave it out to just anyone trying to get the word out.

People at Pine St had mentioned it years ago so I know local low level gs people read it.

That psycho from Womens Lunch Place, Lisa the crack head that so obviously used to perp me years ago when I first had to go homeless, who at WLP made it obvious she was in with the petty crime gang that hangs out there...
She has slithered into OTR where it was just so peaceful before..actually in last few months asshole after asshole has been streaming through there..all African American and all dressing in bright red or constant black and red combos..with perplike behavior towards me.

Staff simply recognizes them as 'trouble makers' but its more obvious than that.

And Lisa is still at it. I got a good dose of Directed Conversation today.

Too bad I can't fight due to health issues but when I am better well see what scrawny crack heads with big mouths can back up.
She's total trash..and braindamaged. Someone mentioned she messes with cops for.drugs so the kind of cop who would do that is our man for gang stalking and protecting local career criminals..or syndicates.

I also recently came to realize the public experiences this as a form of.voyuerism into severe abuse of an individual and doesn't really grasp it as politically motivated. Many do understand its connected to local powerful career criminals and cops and officials..but hey. Its America and specifically the northeast-they RESPECT that here much more than law.

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