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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Important Note To Women In Thier 30's

I suspected this a long time ago but its becoming more obvious this is a very important motivation for targeting women in thier 30's especially Survivors of high level trauma based mind control programming. Which is a very specific kind of Targeted person. Also known as 'mind controlled slaves'.

My personal experience has been that once I entered my early 30's and deprogrammed the gang stalking system basically just abducted me into the system, terrorized me constantly, did many things to destroy my mental faculties, lower my intelligence, destroy my sanity and my health.

Also having Hep C and being exposed to mycotoxins long term, has a tendency to bring on early menopause. Its documented in medical literature. Ill link it later.

This system of destruction seems very well practiced, precise and accurate. It has elements that tell me its ancient but now they have tech and progress in science.

I have aged, and any pre menopausal state I am in has become a living hell and much more difficult than it would have been had I not been targeted. Its made exiting my years as a young woman or estrogen rich years horrible as well as its made my transitional phase one faced alone, in a world I have discovered is based on human's strong horomonal states in youth.

This is a large part of the disconnection and going crazy women experience when 'going through the change', Targeted women specifically. And I dont come from a family that is supportive or informative, not in detail. This society is not supportive either and to be honest, women's liberation in some ways has made it so women are expected to be strong LIKE MEN all the time not like women. And this is my biggest complaint about feminism in America anyway- its very reactionary and women are imitating men in alot of ways due to having no true reflection of thier own identy as WOMEN in a patriarchial society.

I now understand as well that certain women, very much definition of WOMAN, are targeted with a destructive psychological warfare campaign to ensure that they never reach full potential as they would have in a matriarchial society or at least a pagan society.

I was right all along about my experiencing increasing levels of psychic energy. So this system is not in strictly in the interest of naional security but an attack on women to enter a natural state.

Which means we may be able to come up with laws based on interfering with a right to exist or some sort of interference with something based on nature's normal processes they are preventing.

Yeah, national MALE security.

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  1. As a man, they came after me hard at age 34 or maybe a little earlier. They really put a lot of effort into making me feel small. One kid around here, a perp, who one time was picking up teenage chicks, was telling everyone I was an idiot. This same kid was driving around late at night with his sidekick buddy of his, trying to get me to get into his car. I have gotten a lot of that -- various setups where former "friends" (perps) came around and wanted me to get into their cars. And one time, these perp kids (white trash pretty much) were perping these little girls walking down the street. I'm not sure if it was the same gangstalking event, or if it was just separte perp cliches or what. But the one kid who was telling everyone I was an idiot, ran down the street, and brushed up against the junior high girls. That kid said "this one's skanky" after brushing up against her, right in front of her face. I believe now it was a perp training session. That's what some perps do here, run down the street, and brush shoulders with the intended victims. I believe now it was a training session for the perp girls, to see who it's done. I had other perps do that to me, a number of times. Like this one young girl, age 13-17 or so, definitely underage looking, brushed up against me as she walked past, and then said "sorry". So maybe it was a conditioning tactic, for me to associate certain comments with a brush-by of gangstalking perps.

    Yeah, at age 35, they really came after me hard. They were doing remote torture tactics starting right at 6AM, right as the clock turned 6. I had to literally grasp my balls with one hand, to shield them from the remote torture. I see all the "regular" people are having kids at an alarming rate, however. As long as you do what they want, they leave you alone. That's not how I operate, because for one, that's not how this society operates. So why should I give in? I'd rather tough it out. OF course, all the people involved act like I should be in all kinds of awe and terror, that I should realize I am trapped inside this prison with no easy way out. Again, they want to have a psychological advantage over the target, and of course, they want to condition themselves into thinking they are almighty.