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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Pentagon's missing 2.3 trillion

I finally found references for that money I keep mentioning that went missing from budget.

Didn't realize that 9-11 started soon afterwards, basically destroying any chances of making a change as Rumsfeld wanted to attempt.
It explains why the systems been so nasty in keeping the official line just the way they like it.

Here is an interesting theory from

TIs have seen with their own eyes that this money goes into gang stalking..that explians how they rent entire Greyhound buses and have vehicles more posh and jacked up than I've ever seen anywhere. It also explains their legions of footsoldiers and the tech I've experienced.

Its ridiculous what already exists as far as interfacing with the human mind. These people are not good they are as f*cked up as I have ever experienced a human being to be...and I had previously had experience with some dark souls.
The perps are totally out of control. It doesn't matter that I don't know the exact faction responsible. Enough evidence makes it clear that this faction is up to no.good,is in the business of killing for profit and their record of human.experimenation speaks for itself.

Damn...that's alot of money to argue with. Yeah...these people are totally in charge now. Screwed..we are totally screwed. And the American public.just seem ignorant or totally compliant.

Well, this at least tells me that after I get that book or story out on internet, I can pretty much frickin retire to not caring about any worldy affairs afterwards.

Let em all drop in whatever insane population lowering scheme these madmen have in mind. Whatever is all I can say. I've had enough of the 21st century already. I just want to fulfill my obligations and go hide somewhere the modern world hasn't found profitable or hip yet.

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Medawar said...

America has a Stasi now, and her economy is collapsing under its hidden weight.

Note well that the easiest and most effective deficit reduction measures which the new coalition government in Britain have taken, have all been to do with canceling Blair's police state programmes. Drop ID cards, pick up £13bn. If 25% of public servants are employed to harass or "total quality manage" the other 75%, a 25% saving in the public wages and pension bill presents itself for the taking.

Only tyrannies can make people poor, hungry and homeless in countries with as much land and as many natural resources as the USA, Russia, Argentina and South Africa.