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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why GS Is Allowed To Exist

Saturday. Awoke to absolute quiet. No ideations, no emotional disturbances, no forgetfulness, confusion, constant negative feelings or focuses. No dumbing down or being reduced to a weakened feminine state or a childlike one.
No false feelings of approval from an authority figure somewhere on high and no feeling of being blocked from telling my story or gaining counsel due to the idea that I can't win this and no one will believe me.

No emotional instability nor feeling possesed or owned.

Just me. The way I remember Me being many years ago before the horrors of the Bush era, even before 1996, when I moved into my maternal family's home and much of this soon began.

My mind is undisturbed. No constant interface.

I feel in this undisturbed state I could get a lawyer and advocate for myself and explain my story convincingly. That one could win against injustice.
That sanity prevails.

I cannot believe that so much of the population of this country is aware of the reality of organized stalking and harrassment- psychological warefare and the use of mind control technologies.

That people like my mother and a number of others I encountered in on this work with authorities who are supposed to uphold the law but instead support and assist an abusive, often deadly system such as this where a person is tortured to death.

I still can't get over that look Cheryl gave me. When I think about how many parts of the community were and are in on this and my own family as well as people around the country its unbelievable.

Modern people believe that the human past history of people wanting to view public lynchings or Christians thrown to lions or other acts of brutality has gone from our civilized society. Ever since the re invention of America in the 1950's it seems that denial has become the way people live concerning the hard realities of human existence such as death, slaughter of animals for food, brutality. Its odd how all the evidence of hardship being a part of daily human existence has been taken out of our perceptions of our own lives. In order to be living the American way, those conditions have to be happening to someone else somewhere else. And then those conditions are looked at with horror and pity by the rest of society who behave as if June and Ward Cleaver are still in existence, they are the ideal. A generation before that people could remember banks stealing their money in the Great Depression. In history class w thathen I was a kid it was unconsciously percieved that sort of thing would not could not happen anymore. America has never come to terms with the nature of its own corruption, which seems constant and perpetual as well as repetitive as far as the kinds of things that occur.
Having enough monetarily is not the answer becuz plenty of wealthy people are targeted and lots of poor people are content with their lives in my experience. The secret to getting away with these crimes is to make sure a majority in a very large country such as this are able to live the American dream, while the horrors that go on are either marginalized and ignored, or kept from the majority of people. It doesn't seem to affect them nor is it going to.

I notice there is a class of target that claims to have been targeted all their lives it seems but that it only became obvious during Clinton and Bush.

In such a society in denial its easy then to.proceed with smear campaigns.
People want to believe that a horrible person is just a minority among them.

Also mobbing behaviors are encouraged among the public who gain reward from authorities for such behavior. In this way a politically motivated campaign against someone gains public support.

This is why we need laws. As long as an animalistic and childish public percieve authority as right in what it does even when they know its corrupt there will always be assistance among the mass for state oppression even murder.

America has been transformed into a very dangerous, power hungry invading and corrupt place. Its the norm now. The worst thing about it is that its covered up by a front of new found morality and lawfulness when actually lawlessness has become the norm. Its a conspiracy between the public and the authorities. No one wants true law and order or justice anymore. People want to survive by going along with whatever underhanded corruption the authorities and leaders are putting forth or supporting.

The culture of underhanded corruption that Bush established once and for all is now with us as the norm in American society. The cops know it, the people know it and the private sector knows it. Nobody cares as long as the country flourishes and people survive. And along the way their sick urges to see public hangings, exucutions or other violence and brutality that is approved by authorities, is a perk of going along with the NWO.

So there is nothing new about this. Except that America and its principles have been.destroyed and its people accustomed to torture and oppression of innocents as a normal part of keeping America going. And its all done with a smile and denial which makes it these actions the most violent and deadly known to man. There is something reedeeming about such things occurring overtly..people can see it and conditions can change.

Its very confusing to see the public care about things and at the same time be so callous to people they know are targeted. Its callous to daily ignore a persons suffering as a TI but then be up in arms about expired meats in school freezers.

Its amazing to me how selfish humans are and I see now that selfishness is the very thing that authorities manipulate to control them. And how powerless they feel in the face of authority. How disconnected they are in affairs of state.

There has been built around Americans a prison of a psychological nature that now keeps them from having any real involvement or say in what power and authority do with their money or their circumstances.

If you dumb people down, an entire culture and then systematically ignore those that are able to advocate or protest as well as utilize fear and intimidation, you will get the results we see today.

Human beings are THAT easy to dominate and control. Its ridiculous. Thats why in Bush's infamous NWO speech, he claims "..when we are successful, and we will be..". The methods being used are almost impossible to fight or counter successfully. What is most dangerous is not the kind of humanity wide enslavement he is suggesting but the idea its being done for some cult like ideal of a perfect world. THAT is the danger.

The system in place now has a cult like brainwashing effect on the entire country. It also effectively masks gross human and civil rights abuses. A case can't be tried if it can't be heard.
Justice can't be served if it a crime can't even be validated as being a reality.

Some of the ideations lately have consisted of Bush actually doing this to help humanity, that his plan is to have people like me come forth and expose these things thus help create this NWO where things are run by the rule of law, not the law of the jungle. The content of the ideations always includes some heavy handed attempts to force perceptions of the Bush family as protectors, mentors and their cause being to benefit all of mankind. That what is happening is good and eventually will lead to this NWO. That all the horrors that are now occurring are making it possible for the public to see how these weapons can be used for means of oppression, murder and torture and to protect perpetrators.

That is the true NWO is the idea. One born out of experiencing such gross abuses of power via technology that man finally learns to use it responsibily.

Its a great storyline but how realistic is it?

I am staying in an old building and that also always helps shield from being targeted with remote influence via tech. Perhaps its the way they were built being very solid or even the old materials used in past. But old buildings retain memories. A feel for that location and its culture. Its one of the reasons we as humans are so comfortable in a building where ones family dwells or has owned the structure for generations.

We are dealing with the effects of electromagnetic energy when dealing with the tech part of harrassment campaigns. Its an entirely different set of rules compared to traditional weapons.

One must consider that paranormal researchers use electromagnetic detectors to validate the existence of spirits or paranormal activity.

Modern humans percieve the metaphysical as seperate from their lives somehow. This is not the case. Every bit of energy can be detected and measured...somehow and by something. Dogs can read humans very accurately due to our emotions causing biochemical changes we usually don't notice. And the things we do notice along such lines we do so by primitive unconscious means or we deny it after the experience.

Electromagnetic weapons or technogies are so deadly and torturous becuz they can destroy not only living tissue but under the right conditions such as along with a psych warfare campaign attack, alter and destroy a human beings very spiritual entity. Torture of the person over the long term can result in such heavy damage to.the mind, emotions and spirituality that the person is literally living in a state of being akin to what religions describe as Hell. This is all induced by a process that includes psy ops, chemical warfare and tech such ad electromagnetic interferences. This condition can only be created if the Target is isolated from society and no longer has any point of.references from their former 'normal life' in society.

TIs are not mentally ill. These conditions are induced and created by the system of psychological warfare, cult mind control, chemical warfar and the use of technologies.

Our society regularly excludes in our daily lives the inner workings of the human being. Emotions and spiritual matters are left to a person's private life. In a campaign such as against many targeted individuals, these matters now dominate the person's life and are manipulated by outside forces.

It may be easier for society to write the person off as mentally ill but society should consider the nature of black ops and military psychological warfare campaigns. They are usually extremely nasty, brutal, deadly and seek results at any cost.

The denial of the darker side of human beings in day to day society is what keeps campaigns against Targeted Individuals hidden and provides a basis for ongoing denial.

Americans also have no personal points of.reference usually for ongoing torture and disregard by the state or an extremely powerful political entity.

They simply cannot understand what such an experience is like.

Also there are people who are targeted supposedly that seem to lie about their circumstances or be of such poor character that people believe perhaps they deserved it or that all TIs are fabricating such claims.

I have personally experienced being harrassed by staff in a shelter setting yet the same staff will support a woman who seems targeted due to her claims but also due to her getting denied for everything she applies for. This woman made claims that cannot possibly be true and seemed very attention seeking, typical of many older.women.

Normal people out in society dont have enough expertise and knowledge to handle dealing with such crimes. Essentially these are criminal activities of a powerful political structure and of a covert nature. You would have to have a criminal sciences background ad well as some experience with and knowledge of covert operations, especially of a political nature. Those credenti als are a far cry from your typical employee in human services or a professional in psychology or psychiatry. These people suspect things or see the damage done from dealing with the casualties but are ill equipped or qualified to really assist the Target.

This is why many TIs are driven to homelessness. Its almost a guarantee they will become lost in the system with no meaningful representation to validate their existence or assist them in gaining justice.

The public goes up against the laws of the United States by reverting back to a primitive state where feeding frenzy and mob mentality rule their actions. Law and order cannot be established if no one is there to fight for it.

Targeted Individuals are something American society is willing to accept. I feel America even embraces the perversity involved in such campaigns.

This is what happens when a culture takes away its citizens freedoms, privileges and ability to obtain quality of life or even live in peace. That includes curbing such a society's vices and creating an atmosphere of false morality. The people will then take whatever perversity that is allowed by the state especially if that vice is approved of by the state or can be percieved as benefitting said state and its people.

In a Capitalist culture in a country this size, TIs are simply relagated to the category of loser in the game or one of the Have-Nots.

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