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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pro Grade Psy Ops Hidden As Mobbing Or Bullying

No matter the motive for engaging in 'gang stalking' of a Target, all perpetrators want their actions hidden and if not then excused.

From this vantage point I can now see how convenient it makes it for psy ops personell, private sector or even paid for hire groups to be able to hide any and all of their activities under the guise of 'normal' societal mobbing or bullying. Not only does this allow them to recruit a gullible public but it allows said public to accept what are in reality war crimes from trained, organized militant factions-as part of the under the radar normal lawlessness and shananigans of American society.

I can only hope that this is what motivates people who are normally law abiding to take part in gs campaigns against politically Targeted Individuals.

That church bullying post I just did made me realize how deep one could go into an institution and get support even recruits for something that is actually politically motivated. A TI could be confused for a lifetime as to the true nature of their predicament due to harrassment seeming to be based on mobbing or bullying.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me to be the case. A lot of these people around here doing the mobbing, their exits and path-crossings are far too conveniently timed to be anything other than a planned event. Said people also look and feel like the types that, in the past, would have been super nice to me. Yet, they are doing some epithets as I walk past. And yet they don't seem connected, which is to say, it's out of place that they don't seem hateful, but rather seem kind of fearful instead of fearful. Because, usually epithet-mutterers are the types that have this look of hate, yet these don't. Well, they seem a little cocky, but maybe they see themselves as being soldiers in the employ of a large army. Yeah, many against one. How fair is that? Yet, there has to be a balance somewhere. If they are putting so many people on us, we are just one person, yet they have an entire entourage stationed wherever we go, and then we have the planned epithet mutterers.

And you can see some of these are probably not planned, but the residual effects of a massive societal ill. In the past, architects who designed buildings saw their creations as a thing of beauty as well as fulfilling their functions. Now, we see breadbox buildings that only serve their purpose of making money and only that purpose; nothing else. So this entire campaign of psych. warfare has created an ill social environment where lessors feel empowered against us. I have seen first hand that there is a powerful entity monitoring this whole mobbing operation, including the sick general public who knows about it and who are going along with it, and are doing adjustments to compensate for it.

Anonymous said...

The cop who wasn't so sympathetic claimed I came in there with an attitude anyway. Typical lack of logic replaced with focus on emotions and male intimidation.

Very good assessment. It seems that is the key to a lot of our harassment: people completely failing to use their logic. It's been said a lot of these involved do see the logic in front of them, but it's like something they've tripped over on the sidewalk. They trip over logic, pick themselves up, and keep going. Just like the Energizer Bunny. They never "Get it" at any time in the process. It's all emotional judgements based on what they perceive of the target, such as the deal where they get the impression we think we're so much better than they are or whatever. It's rubbish. Just a society of ill people infected with the same social ill. And gangstalking is that social ill, and it has been created on purpose by the powers that be.

One of the problems is that people doing this know their actions are probably going to be accepted. When you have cops doing harassment themselves, and/or are in denial about the harassment, and the people know about it, look out. It's a recipe for a hard night for us.

It could the area/region, too. These areas have all the crackheads, and unmotivated, non-working, uneducated people, who need to feel special by being on of the roaches. And nothing is keeping these people down: they aren't targeted, but are just pieces of shit purely on their own. But then I get harassed by other types.

It's a hard way to live. I have been focusing on healing and getting well psychologically, when I should be finding a job. I think targets should do that, should focus on that before going back to work of finding a job.

Like you said, you considered working at Wal-Mart, but that places is full of perps. Figures. Wal-Mart is about harvesting as much profit as possible, instead of the family values. I laugh when I see the commercials that Wal-Mart "cares". What a crock of shit. Probably the perps are behind this as their "message" to us, that they "care".

See, family cohesiveness has really nosedived in the past decades. We are a civilization in decline, much like the Roman Empire. I think we may be cursed for genociding the Natives off of their land. Interesting how my bitter grandpap used to to tell me "we had no business taking their land off of them". Maybe we should send the Africans back to where they came from, too. They are causing too much trouble here. Wait, at one time, they were in our same position as abused slaves. Now they are the housekeepers meting out the punishment to us slaves.