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Monday, March 28, 2011

When Will I Be Able To Return From War/ Reviewing Old Post For Reference

I want to re post this for anyone who thinks its allright to forget what was done to me or any other TI over the years.

Its unbeleivable to me that this happened three years ago or so. It seems to md like just a few months ago. All if it seems like just recently in the past.

Its so important for this system to make it appear as if nothing happened. To get me to move on.
I wont. People have to pay for what they did. I still am waiting to get back to my apartment in Brighton, to return to those moments where I left off, where their was this break with reality, an abduction fro
my real life into the world of gangststalking.

I am still waiting to recover those moments. To get back to that place and pick up where I left off.

I can't believe its been that many years since I was abducted by the gang stalking system in 2004 or so. 2004 seems like just 3 years ago or so.

A part of me is.still in that Brighton apartment waiting for this.part home safely from the war.

1 comment:

Cooley said...

I have been thinking the same thing...I want my life and apartment back...instead they keep targeting not on me but also my family :(...

We as victims deserve to be compensated ..and the people behind this should go to jail...

This is a horrific injustice...
And I - like you will never give up - on exposing this - and I will never be silent...

I will do this a in a peaceful way ....but I will not be intimidated ever into silence