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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Great Blog:

Blog: Torture, Satellite Surveillance & Covert Harassment
Tracking Issues of Torture, Human Experimentation, Surveillance, Privacy And The Relevant Technology
Including Earlier Knowledge & Reaction

Was the U.S. Citizen, Harvard-Educated Unabomber Ted Kaczynski the Product of CIA Enhanced Interrogation, Psychological Torture Techniques and Human Experimentation?

Why do I keep getting distracted and forgetting this? I mean its THE main reason I am in the situations I am in. But somehow it keeps alluding me and my mind starts wondering, searching going over all this other information. As if I dont have the answer right in front of me.

I can understand that for years due to programming and of course covert factions screwing with that programming, I was compartmentalized therefore couldn't put together all the information.

Now its as if the years of harassment and torture have this cumulative effect of brainwashing. Also there is so much denial on a daily basis in shelters, day drop ins..all of these places are targeted, some more than others with what seems like a specific program to keep people like me down. Way the fuck down.

I appreciate this blog post immensely. It does help, every person who isnt a conspiracy nut and just puts in out there plainly in a logical manner, that makes sense.

We need more of this and less of tin foil hats with crazy b*tches from Code Pink running around being obnoxious in Washington DC.
Less aliens and more facts. An army of lawyers who have the same enemies as us would also be very very useful. Viscous ones.

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