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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Extremism In Our Society As Fashion

It occured to me that mobbing is considered an extreme form of bullying then organized stalking and harrassment must be considered the most extreme. I notice that in recent years our culture at least in the USA has taken pride in delving onto all sorts of extremism. In sports, in entertainment etc. Even a book I skimmed by a scientist on living organisms that can only exist in extreme environments. The world of pop science or material put out to the public as more entertainment with learning than serious scientific study usually reflects accurately the trends in our society, which is how to keep the public curious and interested on science or to 'sell' science to them via trend.

It is however usually akin to a treat and not a burden- its not science with any responsibility to it. Telling them to read data from years of findings from concerned scientist leagues would be much more pertinent and useful but that wouldn't sell very well.

Even much of the content of what happened to me is related to extremism.Extreme people from extreme entertainment were involved as well as I think what I experienced here and especially the south west was extreme.

It strikes me that this is part of a social experiment. I am fairly sure now that putting me through what happened was not only to test high level programming im human beings but for some sort of overclocking of the body or DNA. I believe its something with accessing primitiive strength and power via long term fights to survive. There was also some reseach released to do with human DNA unravelling or similar in such situations. Extremism and shows such as Survivor, Weakest Link these are all experimentation and tests at their core. What is most interesting is the observing of the masses who are partaking in such shows by merely observing passively through television and not doing anything themselves.

There is some purpose for introducing 'extremism' into society and I highly suspect its ultimately for purposes of social control.

Also interesting is the fact that anyone who the power structure wants to explain away is labeled a 'lone extremist'. Extremists is the term used to describe people who take their religion too far into terrorism.
Yet G W Bush himself produced a very extreme environment with his and his administrations collective actions. The Bush era can only BE described as extreme.

The trick of this word is that its vague. Its a perfect sort of word for purposes of mind control via Loaded Language. I note that since the 80s our culture has internalized corporate-speak as in reducing everything to initials or parts of words.

Also legit journalists and book authors have taken liberties such as starting sentences with And, But,Or etc as part of the proper form of writing.

Cheapen the language as well as incorporoate a loaded language would definately be a part of a brainwashing campaign.

I mean taken literally, if one really thinks about it, what is a 'lone extremist' anyway? Its dangerously vague and open to interpretation. It inspires fear, unsure perception but forced response.

In Phoenix AZ on the bus last travel through there, perps were doing overt directed conversation about me and extremism. I've been through this for so many years and Phoenix is so nasty to me as a rule I just ignored it. They are desperate there every time I go there and their consistency and brattty abuse of power is now an all around joke to TIs who've experienced this states life long arrogant ...or should I say extreme obssession with itself. Its nothing a Yanked can't handle..the unconquerable landscape of Nature and the strong Native presence there have rendered the predominantly white male factions there permanently helpless. And the insecurity shines through every round. What the lack in criminal finesse and brains they make up for with nastiness and force.

The purpose of all this I believe is to create in society a war like environment where that stressed out state seems normal..perfect for cult mind control.


Anonymous said...

Again tonight, Mt. Pleasant PA, got a lot of drivers out smirking, lingering a long time at stop signs, as if watching for something suspicious, a lot of closed fist to the mouth type deals from people in passing cars. Even got flipped off by the police here. Just imagine if I were a criminal who really did drugs. In small towns like Mt. Pleasant (close to Pittsburgh), I've had perps admit there isn't anything better to do in this town, so the harassment is good entertainment for them. One heavy black girl was arrogant and said "he's white" a bunch of times with her slightly overweight white friend walking to her car with her. Real class, I tell you.

Mt. Pleasant... real historic little town. Now it's run down, full of welfare and crack heads. It's the one with the dough boy statue in the middle of the road. At one time, this town was huge, because HC Frick had his coal operations here.

Anonymous said...

I think it is, but the impression I get is that these perps involved have no idea about the subtle things that make people powerful. Like, how someone can psychically convey something to another person without speaking. These lamebrains I encounter, they seem just the opposite: just standing around running their mouths with their directed conversations is how they view themselves as powerful. Imagine that. And there are so many of these types here, too. It's like having a cockroach infestation. That's what most of these people remind me of. Well, cockroaches with big mouths and huge egos. That would fit them just right. And each one is just one of many of the like. Just like stomping on a cockroach: you still have the others, and they still manage to multiply like crazy.

I could never imagine myself living like this... having to take part in directed conversations, running my mouth, being one of thousands jabbering my lips, talking about nothing, except to be sure to mention the one or two things that piss that one target off. That one person who has psychic abilities, who can read body language and who doesn't need to speak to convey a message. But you have these bullies, see. And they are like an apartment infested with cockcoaches. They are tiny and insignificant compared to you, yet they are numerous and dirty enough to run you out of your apartment.

But who would want to be that cockroach, whose only talent is scaring away the big resident who is more powerful than they? Oh yeah, those types.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the tech isn't too prevalent there in Arizona where you were at, just like here, possibly. So the Big Boys with the access have to employ the cockroaches. If only they knew the truth... that they were one of many hundreds of thousands of roaches in an apartment, only useful for one thing: freaking out and scaring away the tenant. But one thing sets these types apart from actual roaches: huge egos, plus they get paid or get drugs or fondle little boys/girls for taking part. Yeah, reward those little pedophile twerps, Big Boys. Satiate those crack heads.