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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NWO Extortion- Make Money Or Be Targeted

I was waiting around at MIT for my money to come into my account, it shud have come in after midnight but here on the east coast it does not. I felt crappy and really burdened as I had all week. I kept checking to see if it was there and it didnt come.

Around 5 :15 or 5:30 am I got this feeling, a feeling as if I was suddenly unburdened as I had been all week since running out of money. I knew right then that the money was in the account. Sitting in that chair I knew. I was targeted differently I was treated differently. I then figured the money was in, as I did so conshusly, a soft voice came to me, blending in with the volume of tv in the back round: "You have now become a respectable person".

Sure enough the money had finally come in. I took deep breaths as I looked at the balance. The amount of control that this area has is far too much to live with.
I now think its definately far too much to live with in good conscience.

Basically what they are saying is that if you dont want to be targeted, you'll get to work and start making money. I also in the last few minutes got this ideation that with whats left of me as a human being, I am fit to at least work and make money if nothing else.

Here is my big chance to join the NWO! What will I do?? I will promptly hightale it the f*ck out of here and take steps to make sure I am mentally prepared to never get stuck here again. THIS is not Boston or Cambridge anymore. This is an alien culture. Its totally protected by agents of the NWO who know and watch to protect this project across the USA if not world wide. Like that older black woman in the laundrymat on Mass Ave on way to Harvard Sq. She said in the summer "They drove everyone out that didnt have".

When are they going to come out with the mark of the beast bs that all the Christians are talking about all the time, becuz this is definately the system that is going to be part of that. There are already systems in place that ensure that people are being forced into actions against thier Will and thier spirituality, much less thier moral judgement.

Its strange isnt it? You have Christians and then you have Luciferian based like myself that also do not approve of this system. Even as far as what small Satanic programming I have, that just knows how to rebel and fight against being shackled into a system- however it is much less upset or shocked at these actions due to expecting humans to be greedy and selfish and controlling.

There is not one part of me that thinks this is a good idea. Not the Luciferian part not the Satanic part and certainly not the totally human part. The danger is to fall into this, to start believing that it may be a good idea and that its hopeless so go along or that its perhaps for the best and finally succumb. Boston/Cambridge are very dangerous as they offer a very good quality of life and often one can be seduced in this city by its beauty and the high living it offers. Whatever this place has become its just not worth it. Not after what I have seen is behind this.
This area, its culture and its people like to live in this insulated world of good living and though they are more intellectually aware of the ills of the world, and are the center of the US for training people to fix the problems of the world perhaps, this culture in itself does not wish to see the worst price that is behind getting a good life here in MA.

I just got a glimpse into the Luciferian world system. Its seems that a person feels part of this world wide system which might be why so many human beings comply with its wishes and its system.

For whatever reason, people like myself are not hooked into this system. Even though my internal programming can be explained as being a Luciferian programming system, perhaps I was mistaken. When I go into the Copley Library I am comfortable with the Rosicrucian symbolism there. The symbolism of Mt Olympus going up the stairs with the two great lions made of stone. As one goes up the right stairwell, there is a picture of a male angelic figure with light above his head. Its certainly not Jesus.

I respond to sun cult symbols. Ancient Egyptian symbolism, the sun god Ra seems familiar to me. So why is it that this faction that wants to enslave mankind is associated with Masons and that is associated with the sun cult and Ra? And on the back of the dollar bill that pyramid that supposedly represents the great work which is this project, the NWO?

I think I was right in it seems there are a few factions of the sun cult. And there were many diffrent gods and goddesses in Egypt. Some of them representing justice and order and others darkness etc the typical differences in man's motives. I know a few things: George Bush as pharaoh abused his power. Thus he must be called on that and the spirit of Ma'at is here to do that, which is something being prevented. If you read the rules pharaoh is supposed to govern by, it isnt what Bush did in his time as ruler.

If anything the designs of sacred geometry are being abandoned in the interest of darkness and a lack of design. A destruction of alot of the old Masonic structures is being seen now.

Perhaps I have seen the worst of what is behind this and know that its not what is being promised.
I have to learn to prepare mentally and emotionally when I return back here again. I recall now I posted about this some months ago, that when I got money one particular month, that the gang stalking in person increased alot in Harv Sq area. A typical trick of this system to cause stress and to spend money more quickly.

In summary this place is way to dangerous for me to pull this again. There is no functioning in the winter here.

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