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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Technology of Brain Entrainment Used Negatively In Gang Stalking Campaigns
"Altered States - 15 Mind Altering Brainwave Programs By Banzai Labs
15 Mind Altering Brainwave Entrainment Programs in One App!The Top Ranked Brainwave App in Lifestyle for over a Year! Includes "Lucid Dreaming", "Natural High", "Zen Meditation", "Euphoric Bliss", "Dreamy Sleep", and "Deep Relaxation". These 15 scientifically engineered binaural programs take your mind through complex Binaural Brainwave Sequences to help you achieve higher states of consciousness and blissfully relaxed meditative states."
"Our Brainwave Entrainment apps utilize sequences of binaural tones to stimulate brainwave frequencies associated with various states of mind.
In this process two different tones are played through headphones or earbuds. These tones differ in frequency by a precise amount, and when processing these tones the human brain perceives the frequency difference as an inaudible, periodic beat. For each brainwave sequence the frequency of this perceived beat has been engineered to precisely match a target brainwave frequency....the listener's own brainwaves will begin to synchronize with this perceived beat, inducing states... This synchronization process is referred to as brainwave entrainment.
We take traditional brainwave entrainment techniques a step further..."
"I want to share a horrific experience that should serve as a warning to anyone using or considering using binaural beat brainwave entrainment.
I overdid it with a program called I-Doser, for hours at a time, days on end. I ended up the other night with convulsions that are still keep coming back.
The technology is binaural beat induced brainwave entrainment. I-Doser is the product that has made me so sick. I was stupid to want to use it, because it attempts to emulate the effects of drugs. I know I was stupid, abused it.."
O.K. Godlike Productions isnt exactly the best source for any information, there are other sights however that also talk of the dangers.

I was printing this becuz I am wondering about the dark side of this technology. Of course no one ever ponders what new science or tech could do in the wrong hands, which they should. I have heard of this being popular on college campuses around before the Bush administration. I have experienced first hand gang stalking involving people playing things out of radios and cell phones that had these affects and of course this was always done with psychological warfare (partially bullying right?). At a hostel I wont mention in Boston during one summer, some perps hung a radio from the floor above into my window and this is the effects I experienced.

Whoever our dear gang stalking perps are, they are technomancers. They are very keen to rip every piece of info they can from Nature and imitate it, steal it and even compete with it with thier blessed technologies.

This would fit in perfectly with our society giving so much power the the public and mobs nowadays, conditioning the people to believe in the mob, the group. 'Live United' and "Theres power in numbers" for Ford truck ads. Idol, Survivor, etc all give power to groups of common people. As well as at the same time the many campaigns to destroy anyONE or anyTHING that is singular, individual, 'special', powerful unto itself, possess the Power of One or unique. Beautiful women, intelligent people, strong individuals, even Laura calling Eric Clapton a "..talented, arrogant artist". While years ago in the 60's the loner may have been the only potential hero to face a group or a town due to his ability to hide behind being just a loner and thus the public's own arrogance about thier power in numbers as well as them underestimating the power of One, gave the hero the edge, nowadays the loner is a danger to society. He is the lone shooter, the terrorist, the "lone extremist" or the potentially mentally ill person. He is a weak link (per more conditioning on TV shows). Even the pentagon's consultants use the mantra "Disconnection is Danger", and we all know how that seems to trickle down into what is being done to the public or even Targets. You'd think Justin Beiber is the exception..but hes the rule. He is a weakling and he looks like a girl. He is the poster child for pedo Hollywood and the music industry. He personifies dysfunction within the USA. He is a non threatening power of ONE.

Everything is geared towards now keeping strong years of insect mentality conditioning. Companies must now be conglomerated or under some big mother companies umbrella to survive. Many people are in gangs that wouldnt have dreamed of taking in civilians outside thier race, age or neighborhoods originally or community watch. The Masons lowered thier standards and reached out to just anyone with good earnings and decent character, which is like successful YUPpies joining a gang or group. Its ALL about group think now. Common people bonding.

Thats fine except for the brainwashing out there to destroy anyone whos an individual.

This makes sense- with what many TI's have seen covertly: gang stalking IS lots of seemingly common, stupid even retarded or brain damaged people going after one Target for years. They seem empowered by what they do or at least paid off in some way as a group. And within the more complex campaigns we see TI's who have experienced outright human experimentation at the hands of groups- who are NOT as weak or common as your run of the mill street gang stalker during Bush and early Obama.
These perps seem to be trying to find out something- about the Target as experimentee. "How smart is this one supposed to be?" said by one male leading a perp group during Bush. And much more devastating things I experienced as an experimentee done by groups- usually trying to poke and probe for information or to see how some mechanism within worked. '

During Bush I was staying at the same shelter I am staying at right now- and was basically told "they are trying to find out how they (experimentees or Targets of Interest) do those things". Anyone that had anything extraordinary about them or of interest- 'they' wanted to find out what the secrets were.

Its one of a few things: -Survivors who are targeted are programmed by factions so silent that some more overt faction is dying to get thier secrets whenever they can.
-Survivors of programming are perhaps programmed by some other nation and arent aware of it and this explains American intelligence forces great interest in us as well as treating us like we have no rights as citizens of the USA. In thier eyes we are not most likely.
-The theories on secret societies are correct and there is some war of info gathering between either metaphysical sects or perhaps secret societies and say the military or even a private company. The perps have a hell of alot of money that I do know for a fact. The vehicles they drive and the resources they get to do these things- its incredible. Mostly the amount of access they have.

There seems to have been heavy human experimentation pulled off during Bush hidden behind the confusion of the war and domestic anti terror actions. The Patriot Act made getting info possible as well as perhaps gave great opportunity for cover stories as well as smear campaigns,which one can see from this point were most likely planned around specific targets ahead of time.
I was overtly targeted in 1995, and that was when my mother was intimidated into not going to the Presidents Advisory Committee so if any other faction wanted to smoke out survivors of radiation/MK Ultra, that was the way to do it.

They are still continuing experimentation on persons intergenerationally who were experimentees from the 50's, which is based in Nazi research. Which is why the records were destroyed by Helms most likely as well as why it flared up so badly during the administration of a president who's family has a history of Nazi sympathizing. This is not about morality or dredging up the past like some cheap horror movie- this stuff is all documented. Which makes the constant attention to Hitler as a sort of Elvis even more valuable. He has been made so unreal- so many zombie movies and other fare around the subject of Nazi's and the third Reich, that no one could believe that anything real ever survived of that era or those people.
And its working very well.

Here are some things that humans can do naturally to give thier brains the power they require. I want you to notice how every one of these things are things that the gang stalking system ensures TI's no longer have access to or the ability to do, which means that is on purpose as well in order to dumb the person down and ruin thier health:
"The brain is a three-pound supercomputer. It is the command and control center running your life. It is involved in absolutely everything you do.
No matter what your age, mental exercise has a global, positive effect on the brain. So, here are 22 ways to boost your brain power:"

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Yes, and it become highly obvious why the CIA spent so much time at the Monroe Institute!