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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Post From ONMC- Esoteric Science Round Table

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Anonymous said...

Freeman always seems "handled" to me. He admits money has landed in his bank account from anon sources. And Crowley was a DOUBLE AGENT actually, as anyone who has read his memoirs can see clearly he wasn't the villian they portrayed him to be (the worst crime I have seen hard evidence for is the nasty way he treated prostitutes...otherwise it's ALL DISINFO). Crowley was actually a TI when it comes down to it and he gave them serious pains because for so long he convinced the MK Ultra goons he was on their team. Not a psychologially simple man was he...and the disinfo campaign against him rages on.

Freeman seems a mix of good info and disinfo, but no one can complain about his good work exposing the Britney Anna Nicole shit. CLEARLY TRUE.