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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No Justice For Experimentees in the USA- The Bio Ethics Committee Covers Up TI Testimony
First of all note the stress on the word "expert". So that all those TI's who gave thier comments in that video can be ignored. The words of the people dont matter- becuz this is about 'experts'.
"The commission's review was spurred by revelations last year that researchers under a US-sponsored study in the 1940s purposely infected prisoners and others with sexually transmitted diseases in Guatemala. In addition to examining the adequacy of current standards, the commission is doing a fact-finding investigation about the Guatemala study."

Revelations??! Who do these people think they are? They totally leave out all the other human experimentation nightmares that are documented in the USA, including MK Ultra and the related Human Radiation Experiments of which my own mother was a documented infant experimentee of :

This is why they dont dare do this properly in legal terms. If this issue ever made it to a court room after a history of smudging facts and media grey outs like this bs, they govt and universities and private individuals and contractors would get bled dry financially and be ruined- and they know it.

NO MENTION of any of the TI's who gave thier testimony. We are STILL being ignored. It is still going on.
If ever you wanted to understand as a naive American citizen why everyone hates us and how we have lone shooters and terrorists, you are now seeing the process of MAKING such people exist, as well as many Americans that have just given up and dont care anymore. This country lives on creating waste and destroying. Only when out of desperation such people take steps towards self defense or last ditch efforts at gaining some last dignity for themselves, does the system take notice- always in an negative light.

I am sick and tired of ineffectual people (like in FFCH and the people in that crowd who spoke. There is a reason you are not heard. You dont have any power obviously) fighting these battles and overbearing power denying the problem even exists. Now I see why some of us are targeted very hard and why, like Aquino suggests in his Mind War paper- that those of us who are effectual be stopped before we can even become fighters in the battle.

And its mind boggling once you get messed with by ops in the TI community- just how many of these people are actually real TI's?

All we can do to win is use the legal system, lawyers and politicians. This is covert ops and dealing with it through grass roots activism is so naive its ridiculous. Historically the factions we are up against are the DOD, the CIA in part and the military and now in this day and age most likely contractors. The people we are up against have unbelievable access, power and resources. Its not the 60s anymore and this approach is totally weak. The activity is covert and the media black outs as well as the silencing of us and keeping us down is covert.

I appreciate everyone who comes out and actually tells it like it is that, that this is not be consent, its covert and its basically illegal. That is how it must be represented. However it must also be told just how much of the Dirty Tricks Dept is involved in this and how psy ops can make things pretty damn confusing and surreal.

The capabilities they have now using technologies, chemicals and psychological warfare as well as psy warriors and even good old fashioned metaphysical influences, makes for a most destructive and viscous system of attack.

What I cant understand is why the elite would want to risk such exposure in a day and age where their actions can be exposed so easily. They are either not changing with the times or they believe they have such an edge on power now WITH all the progress thats been made that they dont have to fear any interference no matter what exposure occurs.

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