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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Clandestine human experimentation disclosed. More to come?

Clandestine human experimentation disclosed. More to come?

Its nice to see that someone actually has the pulse on what is going on with selective recognition of official disclosure or recognition of human experimentees.

As you read this do as you should with anything which is only deal with info that sounds reasonable. I am not posting this to focus on the comments about UFO's and aliens etc. I am more interested in it being one of the first articles I have seen that is short, simple and to the point that also reflects the deceptions clearly surrounding the issue. The official line clever skirting around the truly damaging experimentation while acknowledging choice bits.

Its especially interesting that the African American experimentation is being linked to Guatemala. I have read a few articles where its being turned into a race thing, where if you watch the President's Advisory Committee vids on YouTube from the 90's, most of the experimentees are female, Caucasian, attractive or at least enough to charm or gain access easily, creative, sensitive, intelligent with a subtle but evident masculinity somewhere in thier makeup.
But turning the issue into a race issue is clever as it diverts away from the unique nature of mind control and other experimentation and makes it a political issue.

One must always keep in mind that this realm has rules and realities all its own for its purposes that are not recognizable to what we know as normal human civilization in the western world. Race would only be relevant to programming if it was considered for purely utilitarian reasons. The syphilis experiments have little to do with what went on with MK Ultra/radiation involving academia, govt and the private sector- of which many key records were destroyed by Helms, which is why its so important to direct away from that group of experimentation and focus on chosen ones specifically.

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