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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Movie Review- Altered States

I always liked this movie but I never realized how pertinent it was to this situation.
"A Harvard scientist conducts experiments on himself with a
hallucinatory drug and an isolation chamber that may be
causing him to regress genetically."

Sounds eerily like MK Ultra and the CIA track record of experiments with sensory deprovation, isolation chambers and of course- LSD.

In fact, I have noted throughout this that I have often felt I was returning to a primitive state to survive this. Going nomadic is one such act of a primitive and living tribally. But it goes all the way down to the cells. I have felt it for years now. Its as if they ripped open, something like cells or even DNA, ripped open and came out was something stored for such long term life threatening situations and it helped me survive. Even my writings are full of my being SO chased by the enemy, so hunted by the predators that I ran all the way back to my ancestors basically calling on what ever was left of the strength of various cultural ethnic backrounds that had withstood the oppression of modern times, a new country, diseases, the middle ages and the church destroying Euro pagan cultures using torture and intimidation for centuries, as well as other factors that might weaken or wipe out a culture. I found that based on my familiarity with those cultures I could connect to them ancestrally and call for help from what was in my genes.

These are areas that no coercion or drugs or tech can destroy. Only through almost destroying the mind totally could you achieve total control of a person and what good would they be then anyway?

Again what looks way cool in movies where characters have the benefit of being in control is very damaging when you're an experimentee against your Will.

So its most likely part of trying to build the superman in these Nazi based experiments, perhaps trying to find there superhuman strength and survival components buried within our cave man past..or now we know if you have European DNA- your Neaderthal-Human past.

I just wonder if this is actually the way to rip open that DNA and make it work for you- to almost totally destroy what is HUMAN about a person so that 13% or so of Neanderthal becomes active and shows itself. Or if its stored in some other part of the DNA where experimentees have some specialized DNA that the system is focusing on.

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