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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Military Abuses Psy Ops

Another TI pointed this out. Maybe people will start to realize this is much more common than you think- the abuse of power.

The question is who exactly is behind 'gang stalking' TI's? Especially Targets who know they are programmed.

Whoever is behind this, its done domestically. Its done against individuals by groups. Its definately covert.

If not the military then the police? Some other faction? Do criminal organizations have thier own psy ops people?
Do they have the kind of access needed for the kind of things that seem to happen to TI's domestically like white vans and black helecopters?
Time after time it seems like its the military with the locations as well as the amount of might they have.


Anonymous said...

I too have this thing where I find I can get a lot done during the night. There is a sense of serenity and calm at night, all through the early morning hours, that I can't explain. The daytime, I do feel kind of jammed or confused. But it's been that way for me even before they were overt in 2005. It's been this way since like 1997, that during the day, I feel kind of frustrated doing things. But all through the early morning hours, even back then, the same was true -- serenity, could think clearer. Maybe it was around 1998-1999 or so, and I'm trying to figure out if other TI's have had this experience that far back, that seems to correlate with what goes on now with tech. Back in 2000 or 2001, I had one experience with what seems now to be a crude visual hallucination, on rare occasions. So obviously tech-driven. Now, those tech-imposed imagery are much more subtle than that.

And I definitely think Echelon is a good choice, as it was mentioned numerous times by targets who seemed to have good information. Something like that. Satellites make the most sense, because they are extremely hard to detect for average civilian with no tech knowledge (if not impossible), and those things are stacked with remote communications equipment.

Anonymous said...

Sure they do. If they're big enough, they will surely have armies and government all their own. Of course, they would have to be organized enough and smart, in addition to being ruthless. Being ruthless in itself wouldn't cut it. And of course contacts and connections to key govt. personnel, so they can have access to all their big toys to serve their own ends.

Anonymous said...

The PsyOps