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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am now totally confident and sure that the military is the faction behind my gang stalking campaign. today I find not only relief but a marked lack of interference, monitoring and controlling/ depleting my sexual drives. I know it is.due to the call to action on Libya..they have other things to tend to now.

so now I know. in order to validate the existence of a constant military industrial complex and retain their budget they must engage in war domestically when not involved in conflicts elsewhwere. it may also be that ongoing human experimentation as well as controlling women or other things they consider sport or toys or obsessions have to go on back burner when actual conflict arises.

I feel like I book if I wanted to finally. this shows that it has been military and intelligence interference. I don't feel controllled, forgetful, confused, blocked from orgasm, or manipulated. I feel az good as I did in the late 90s. it seems this faction has an obsession with christianizing someone like me or at least forcing me to become a mother mary/teresa type figure. they are obssessed with controlling women and destroying what they consider feminism which they blame for destroying american culture. it is they that destroyed our culture and greed and special interests. and feminism that includes race.

whoever they are they are obssessed with controlling me and keeping me down. this wud explian my mothers bragging about having a military credit card. and it being connected to the radiation experimentation. my mother must have realized that them following her was them saying that she shud not go public nor shud.she pursue any justice..but it seems that she realized joining them cud get her the money she felt she deserved. she must have sold me out to further experimentation.

also I am fully convinced this is indeed connected to Aquino and satanic military factions. a military cult.

it cud also be a christian faction...I believe that pushing judeo chritianity or zatanism ars just ways of ensuring control. both are cults and both trap the soul and the mind indefinately.

their biggest fear is my natural ability to produce energy sexually and they want to keep me from my normal natural desire to research and practice Hermetics.

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