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Friday, March 11, 2011

When You Get Serious, The Harassment Stops

An older man with interesting life experience sat down to the computer to show my friend the pipeline routes in the middle east, pages about oil, and Condaleeza Rice being on the board of directors at UNI CAL.

That having access to the oil is part of foreign policy. The military planning for security of the building of a pipeline.

Protecting our interests from Russia and China.

(just use the search engine '' and looked up "caspian sea" +unical +afghanistan +pipeline +map +karachi" )

Interestingly the moment he sat down and looked up something on Google maps in that area my computer stopped transferring files between an sd card and my hd. After I started it up again it was no longer taking a horribly long time as it was before he started doing research on this subject matter.
Also, any remote influence that was occurring stopped immediately and I then realized I was being strung along by some pretty strong force this evening, in fact I had been extremely and dangerously depressed this evening. I have been in one place too long most likely and have become subject to the style of influence here to the point of no longer noticing it. I now feel much better now.


Anonymous said...

Here we go, the government telling us what is and isn't good for us, instead of letting the masses decide.

So, the people have no choice in deciding what is or isn't good for them. So what if they waste energy? What about the dangerous levels of mercury in CFL bulbs that incandescent don't have? Also, fluorescent lights are very "dirty" power-wise. They induce all kinds of harmonics onto the power lines in the house, causing interference and even requiring power strips that can filter noise. Also, the ballast transformers in these things generate more EMFs in the ELF range, which isn't good for humans.

It's typical, saying stuff that slowly kills us is really what's good for us, eliminating all other options.

How long before these unwritten laws become written ones? Like for example, all of this stuff which is now secret, will become legal. It doesn't matter that they got there by brute force. I'm talking about those secret toys that can read minds and manipulate dreams. Once they reach critical mass with this mind control exerted on targets, that control will then by overtly exerted on the masses. They will enact laws that make it illegal to think aggressive thoughts or to think bad things about the criminals in charge. They will completely ignore all the illegal methods that got them there, and then bring out their mind-control toys to pass laws that favor criminals and the One Favored Entity (whatever it is, the NWO government). What will get them there will be illegal, but it won't matter to them, because all of the abuse and torture that got them there was in the past. They will never pay for their rape/torture of innocent victims.

And the laughing we are getting isn't of the will of the gangstalkers, but they are stupidly doing the will of the controllers. It is the controllers laughing at us, using all kinds of sickos with weak wills and morals to do their dirty work as their mouthpiece.

We have to make it clear that any kind of brainwashing is illegal, and a form of outright murder. I believe any type of covert activity needs to be punished by death by the perps and all the operatives carrying this out. It should be a crime on the same order as what murderers get, because that is what they are. We need to sneak up on these people, expose their tech and their operators, and everyone in their chain of command, and yes, the people funding this and everyone responsible.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream that one "sweetheart" of mine was saying she needed to call all of my friends, to help get me into grad school. The way she said it was "we need to call ALL of his friends" to "help" me get in.

Interesting, because I had one past "sweetheart" slip up, and tell me outright she needed a list of my friends, their occupations, as well as their addresses and phone numbers. Now I realize that was her assignment, to gather that info of my friends, co-workers, and everyone I come into contact with. And she slipped up and told me outright instead of going about it sneakily.

So now you know how these people covertly operate. Getting a list of all potential people in the target's life, and getting info about their names/addresses/occupations, for whatever reason. Probably to help them with their slander and drag them into their mind control cesspool.

Anonymous said...

Just read:

Sen. Jim Risch, R-Idaho, was not in the Senate when the energy mandate was approved and signed by President George W. Bush. Risch called the law "absolutely ludicrous," adding, "People in Idaho are just astonished that the federal government is telling them what kind of light bulbs to put in their homes."

I see it was approved and signed by George W. Bush. That makes sense now. I guess the "federal government" knows what's best for us. And that is why they are targeting certain people that is going to be a detriment to their precious NWO empire.

Seeing all of this, it's obvious the "federal government" has a big hand in targeting survivors of ritual abuse. I have the feeling it had to come from "within", going back to the 80's, in my case.