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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

harrassment started again in cambridge when i began filming again

Getting alot of attention in central sq cambridge area while filming. Almost intimidation. Even police. Simply just filming with my new phone in a store window. It shud not gain that much attention. I note that this phone is easily messed with to prevent me from doing certain thingz when its convenient.
Mirrors mess up mind control and brainwashing. Filming is a form of creating a mirror image. Looking in mirrors and defining ones self also is a creation of a reflection created by the individual seperate from the controller or state if u will.

I notice I haven't been filming lately and I get left alone now. I've been stuck in rut controlled going from nite to day shelters and perhaps computer at colleges.

I sense their fear. I sense they are desperate to keep me mind controlled and down with intimidation and brainwashing due to the fact that I cud sue for alot of what was done to me so its important to keep me under control.

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Anonymous said...

That's funny, because I can sense that, also. Like the one night, I was getting my buttons pushed, and the harassment was intense, yet I was able to keep absorbing and rationalizing the harassment away as just button pushing. This kept me grounded. All along, had the feeling someone, somewhere was very nervous and uneasy because I wasn't coming unglued.

Whomever this is, they can't accomplish their tasks without monumental cheating. That's all this is: cheating on a monumental scale, with many layers upon layers of armies of civilians, operatives, stalkers. Still, if they are not in the right, then they are not right. Throwing a huge army to cover a lie doesn't make a truth. So they had better get uneasy, because they have a good reason to be.