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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Anonymous said...

What people like Chris Hanson are doing is trapping lonely people who are reverting to bad morals, while there are giants out there who rape and mutilate young children. But everyone is brainwashed to see those types as "good". All this crap about going after predators, like Hanson's show, while the BIG SHOW is allowed to parade right out in the open. That's one function TI's serve: they serve as the distraction to have the public's back turned while the really big child prostitution, drug trafficking (and we're not talking about local scum dealers... we are talking CIA level involvement) goes on right in front of the deceived public's nose. Not saying those perverts they are trapping on Hanson's show are blameless, because that behavior is despicable. But... the show is BIG on psy-opping targets, and I suspect a lot of the people they trap on the show serve a purpose to gaslight targets of abuse. Like for example, they might be doing some behavior some targets do in their private lives, like walk around naked in their homes, etc., and it just so happens this "predator" they catch is doing the same. It's yet another crap show managed and controlled by the System.

Besides, who's to say Hanson himself isn't a predator? I think they (controllers of this System) pay him big bucks to work for "them". That's why I have never sold out to any company like that.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Idol, that show always sucked anyways. Have you noticed that perps seem to love that show? Probably because people are being abused openly by an abuser. And the public digs that sort of thing these days.