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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Bioethics Video- some advice for EVERY TI

I knew it! This is why it was so important during Bush for many of us to hit us so hard with harassment and psy ops to get any of us labeled they could. So that when it comes out, whoever cant be controlled, isolated or intimidated into not speaking out can be written off by a label.

Also we need to learn to STOP any and all efforts at Divide And Conquer. Can the bullshit about being African American and leave that political content at the damn door. No one has time for that right now this is more important. We can argue amongst ourselves after this is over becuz that probably will always be. Dont use this issue to pull in ANYTHING else other than the fact we are ALL human experimentees. If you break up that unity you are screwing yourselves and handing power over to the enemy. We are not going to have any bullshit with black targets or white targets or petty crap that will give the perps any MORE power than they already have. THEY HOLD ALL THE CARDS AND HAVE FOR YEARS. WHY ARE YOU GIVING THEM MORE POWER ON THIS ISSUE? What are these, operatives?

We need some cool level heads in there that know how to play a forum and not screw up in front of cameras. We need united effort among Targets, its that simple. All that other bs needs to be forgotten in the battle ahead. If you dont know how dirty these f*ckers play then you are a danger to the movement via your naivete. I know from experience that this is probably going to happen just to do some damage control and they will 'allow' it to happen and most likely orchestrate the proceedings and outcome- the first African American woman already stated that in her story- that they were told to drop the case.

We are up against a huge wall of money, power, INTERNATIONAL influence and access, we cant afford a misstep or any diversions. I have seen what these people are capable of, you have to be smart. They will kill anyone who gets in thier way who is a legit threat and they control alot of outcomes to begin with. Most likely they have gotten all the research material they wanted, probably during Bush it seems and now its ok to let some of the fallout leak public- so they can minimize it of course.
I knew this would happen at some point and I guarentee you its not going to be nearly enough to deal with or compensate for what was done to many victims. If yer not careful you are asking for another fiasco like the '77 investigations or the following Presidents Advisory (Joke) Committee on Human Radiation Experimentation.

UNTIL WE SEE MILITARY TRIBUNALS AND HAVE PROPER COUNCIL IN A COURT OF LAW WITH A JURY OF PEERS THIS IS ALL MORE BULLSHIT. Just more games from the system so they can keep quiet the magnitude of what they have done over many decades.
Dont be stupid and play into their hands. Part of much of the psych warfare is to divide us. I am probably on camera using hte N word around this area more than I would like to know. I almost became a white supremacist due to these activities. Becuz then not only would it be another point of discreditation, it will divide TI's socially WHICH IS WHAT THEY WANT. They send certain perps after people so they can induce racism and sexism or religious hatred. The best you can do is to NOT play politically correct as that has no place here. If anyone asks why it doesnt, you tell them just what I said, which is that torture is used to induce hatred to disrupt the movement on purpose as well as to damage Targets and thier reputations. Besides, pc has no place in war and this has been a war. Leave civilian rules outside the door. You are DEALING WITH THE MILITARY AND OTHER FACTIONS AND THIER REALITY IS DIFFERENT THAN CIVILIAN LIFE. You are on thier playing field AND DO NOT FORGET THAT OR YOU WILL FAIL. They make it thier playing field constantly using covert means to win. Remember that at all times as well.

Another Divide And Conquer method is destroying our unity based on a Targets history. DO NOT start your speech with the self serving "I never committed any crimes". YOU ARE ONCE AGAIN HELPING THE PERPS. Only the perps use that against us to validate what they have done that is internationally war crimes and unethical- we should not even consider these conditions. Becuz being targeted like this and tortured are NOT in any law book as a punishment for a crime committed nor do any TI's get a proper trial or other due process to be sentenced as such. DO NOT VALIDATE THE PERPS SMEAR CAMPAIGNS AGAINST OTHER TI'S.
Also if you did your homework you would know that its documented even in a tv series in the 70's I have linked in my YouTube account, that the CIA admits on camera that they used people with criminal records or underworld types or prostitutes etc ON PURPOSE due to they being easily discredited as well as "we knew that if they found out there was no way they could get revenge", they wanted people "who couldnt fight back".
If you make other TI's with criminal pasts look like they are not as deserving of justice YOU ASSIST THE PERPS IN WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO ALL TARGETS.

What a person does in life on those levels has nothing to do with thier intelligence levels. In fact many intergenerational mind control survivors come from families that dont seem like the types who would be involved in crime but always end up in trouble or doing crimes to survive. Prostitution or drug running or violence in organized crime. Its becuz they are not allowed out of that lifestyle, they are programmed to serve in those capacities as well as other tasks. This is extremely naive of these speakers.

The analogy would be two soldiers arguing over some moot point when they have the enemy coming at them and have only one chance to attack and get it right. Seems to make any point but the main one kind of moot right?

I understand you are scared and have been traumatized by what is supposed to be responsible authorities in the USA. Many TI's probably feel the only way to state thier dignity is to claim anything that would make them feel they did NOT deserve this. YOU ARE FALLING INTO THE PERP'S PSYCHOLOGIAL TRAPS WHICH IS TO MAKE THIS PERSONAL. It is not personal its for money. Its for research. Its for greed. Its for power. Think about it- do you know most of your gang stalkers personally? No right? This is about POWER not personal vendettas or metered out justice or even a proper mobbing from society in a vigilante manner. The only thing personal about this is if you had people around you sell you out due to having hatred for you or whatever was between you. And that is a small amount of people compared to the huge network of perps nationwide- if you have traveled like many of us have, you know how massive an undertaking this is.

The mind control and brainwashing they have used to keep us silent about an undertaking so huge within just one country among many is extremely effective and very dangerous. DO NOT allow it to continue in the future battles in this war by alllowing anything to divide us from UNITY- except maybe any one who exhibits red flags like an infiltrator or perp becuz there will surely be plenty of those if this gets serious enough and if they think they are going to have to dish out money to victims. It will get extremely nasty- you have no idea.

This is the typical and standard mo for the military, even decades ago. The military are not the romanticized soldiers you see in ads or old movies. THESE ARE PEOPLE IN THE VERY BUSINESS OF KILLING. They have minds that work differently than peace loving civilians. Traditionally most civilizations always had to keep the guard happy and paid or they would take over.

I notice that only due to the number of complaints over along span of time is this even making any headway. This is the power of the people working as it should in the USA as it was designed to. Yer not taking the US forefather's warnings seriously. You quote them endlessly and you cry out for thier original rules to be reinstated in the way America is run but you are not listening to them. They warned of this happening which is why they set up the US the way they did to begin with- people act like this is some exception to the rule. This IS the rule, when it comes the military of any country. And the intelligence/spycraft/assasin/covert ops sects have always been like this as well.

Its time to leave Disneyworld, as THAT is the exception not the rule and realize you are in a historic battle, one that will read like many others have. Dont blow the ending with letting the enemy- the damn oppressor be smarter. They already have all the money, all the access, all the resources and all the power.

Dont hand anymore over to them by speaking before you plan very wisely what you are going to say in forums like this especially if this goes anywhere serious. Do NOT validate the enemy's position in any way. What they have done is illegal according to international law. Remember that. THEY ARE IN THE WRONG THEY KNOW THIS. So they do what they can so that no one else knows it.


  1. why not have a convention of TI's so that you can develop a network in a few years?
    Being alone and singular is very advantageous for the perps.

  2. becuz the operatives, criminal opportunists and infiltrators into the TI scene are the biggest a-holes and some of the most dangerous people I have ever met in my life. Thats why. I was chased out of a TI group very early on becuz they knew I was smart and I would start asking questions. I dont even know anymore if half of the TIs are real or actors. Its disgusting- you should see what I encountered. Its interesting how many TIs are extremely stupid and ineffective and they are the ones who get attention, and the crazies. But sharp, smart TIs who have credible stories and understand how criminals think get chased out..suspect or what?? Its too risky. You cant do overt activism concerning covert ops- its a fucking joke.