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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beating You Within An Inch of Your Life- For Your Own Good Of Course

This made me think of two differing scenarios.

One could be if you wanted to make someone become very conformist in a capitalist society you would take away any sense of acceptance from other people as in the severe process of gang stalking, thus they would begin to value things more and strive to fill thier lives up with things.

Or if you wanted to keep the person poor as well as invalidate and minimize the fact you took from them what was 'thiers' like youth, intelligence, ability to keep possessions or a home etc- gang stalking would rip them away from all they knew and perhaps a certain kind of campaign would force them to become displaced as well as lose thier possessions so they cant afford to value anything. Then as they go through the years of gang stalking they come to value the few people they meet that accept them and over time, this destroys any past insecurities they ever had. This may sound positive but it would really be to manage the purposeful damage to the person's life time potential done by the gang stalking system on purpose- to lower intelligence, potential to gain power or wealth in society via talents, looks, youth etc. Its managing expectation and managing the normal trauma and disappointment of having your future destroyed by a gang stalking campaign.

This would be a psychological trick to get the person to be 'satisfied' finally with just being alive and having a few human beings that dont terrorize them as well as having had to learn to travel or do without things or even to have lost all thier lifetime's prized possessions.

Once again something that could be brainwashed into the TI and the public as reform or behavior modification or spiritual development (especially by those being manipulated by Voice of God technologies documented to exist and be in use by military) is REALLY about managing the TI into the 'come down' phase off of a long haul of years of heavy and constant gang stalking which means one thing:

Its part of the long term behavior modification process and nothing else.

I recall this perp very early on giving me a ride from Port Huron to Detroit to catch a bus, kept saying that his female friend on the phone "Geez she has GOT to get used to disappointment in life" but like any perp in this or any info meant to contribute to TI break down and brain washing, it was repeated over and over again as well as it was really stressed in the conversation and it was eventually directed towards me. It was only us in the car anyway.

This is why in the beginning of my campaign going 24/7 someone stole a Lady of the Lake necklace piece I had that was my priced possession as it was the first thing I bought when I was 18 with money I earned from a retail job, under the table for 4.25 an hour. It was from a New Age shop. Then in AZ I had to sell my bike once I realized the perps did not want me to simply move away from MA but this was going to continue. I had gotten some of my health back from that moldy apartment by biking 20 miles a day from Phoenix to Mesa most of the week. I loved that bike and when I sold it perps showed up and really rubbed it in, a woman made sure she smirked and it was when I was crying about it. I ended up down some rail road tracks doing a video post and I must have gotten stuck in a loop becuz a male perp showed up down the tracks and walked me out. I know he was a perp just by the way he came to get me after a certain amount of time as well as he is the guy in AZ I met that said to me "As you know Rachael, when your only allowed to grow VERY conditionally.." . (I have actual footage of that perp and that moment in time so dont try to say I am a schizo that imagines people are there when they arent not. I have never hallucinated a person being there when they were not in all my life. This is where more smear comes in.
In my apartment due to the negligence of therapists not doing thier jobs, I used a technique my psych came up with on its own for survival as well as I had skimmed over reading, that if a person is not available to deal with directly you can vent to a chair or write them a letter and never send it etc. I had an entire fantasy inner world going and I had gone to therapists as I deprogrammed and asked them, basically now that everything was breaking apart internally, could it be this extreme creativity I held within and kept alive in this manner as well as used for self therapy, could this be transferred over to putting it out into the outside world, socially such as acting or writing scripts etc. But due to the way I was raised I needed help from an outside source a therapist, I needed permission from some authority figure I suppose. Instead the gs system came in and broke my outer world apart at this critical moment of psychological change...the results have been so sad, so disastrous. I have learned how to 'behave' to survive but alot of ME is gone. The intelligence the talent all of it. Destroyed.
I was told that this rich inner life I had created was being used against me to discredit me or get me put away. Its probably still used to try to make all the gs activity seem as if its part of some schizophrenia I have had life long, which is total bullshit. There is a huge difference between pretending like a child for reasons of self therapy and being mentally insane enough to be hallucinating. One is from an extremely creative mind and a strong Will, the other from an organic brain disease perhaps or some misfiring of neurons.
There is no Targeted Individual who has imagined gang stalking perps messing with them and performing the horrors of psychological warfare. Its as real as you can imagine, which is why the damage is so devastating. Americans are not raised with the concept of this being possible, especially civilians. Is this something we should teach in school? Psych warfare 101? With the history books full of WW II and East Germany etc you would think they would. But the attitude is always the same in these situations: It cant happen here and it doesnt, until it is happening and it happens becuz no one believes that such a thing delegated to a history book can occur in the present. )

That is one of those perp moments I will never forget, I am sure the system wants me to forget though- all that early harassment when they were so overt towards me, often telling me outright what was going on, as part of the torment.

And yes, I have actually met sick people on the road who I am convinced knew what was going on, always sexist males, who would speak of it being a good thing to beat your kids within an inch of thier lives, literally, in order to make them change or conform.

These are the realities of the people involved in gang stalking. I no longer believe in Cause Stalkers, as far as their intentions. I believe that the same sick, selfish rapists, pedos, child abusers and sadists and control freaks are posing and hiding behind being Cause Stalkers. I now realize that only people who are sick would involve themselves in such actions against any human being no matter what the rationale.

(so you think how dare I still hold onto wounds about lost bikes etc when the world is coming to an end seemingly? Well, firstly these are not about the specifics, they are about the mechanics of the psy warfare that goes into a campaign. Secondly, Targets suffer so much internally, especially if chemical warfare has been involved, that it doesnt matter much if the world ended 5 minutes from now or if it ended when they were 100. We suffer daily and have for years. And the more time passes that no one admits to what was done to the person or the person loses contact with thier old life or that time line if you will, its as if thier lives have 'ended' during that time period anyway. Stop spitting on returning soldiers and calling them baby killers when they themselves were tortured knowingly by thier govt...hasnt anyone in this country learned anything in 40 years? Probably not. )

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Anonymous said...

Wow, losing that bike must've really sucked. It's amazing how something so simple can provide so much comfort to a person. And the perps understand that, which is why they were doing their typical evil bs (smirking, smug looks, etc.) when you lost it.