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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Nature of Abusers in GS/In Place Reward System

That abuse wheel is very useful and accurate as well. Many people are on on this and they all most likely have some sort of leaning towards being abusive or controlling. When this is the case in organized group stalking and harassment of a Targeted Individual, you then have entire groups of people involved in these actions, all controlled by cult mind control tactics even if they are working for money to dispose of the Targeted person. I have experienced this myself by observing perp groups while being targeted by them.
One participant actually told his young companion that "She's just a target" so one can assume that this is a perp group as I had experienced it to be.

My mother is or was also very involved in this. Even if this is done by professionals for hire,many sick people like her will be attracted to this activity. Her family is very abusive and controlling as is the people she has aligned herself with over the years. Its driven her to be subhuman and over many years time I have watched her become more and more a person identifying with the aggressor, becoming like them, than being a victim. This is normal for someone who is controlled and subjected to constant abuse until they just turn and cant take anymore. They stop being human, they stop being the victim. And now the perpetrators have another set of hands to utilize.

She's the kind of person that would tail gate and would tell her it was dangerous and probably illegal. Shed disregard this and do it just to terrorize me. Then when it became illegal or was featured in the news as being on a watch list for cops, she looked perturbed at having her power taken away and said with half lidded snake eyes "Did you know that its illegal to do that now? Its considered aggressive" or some form of aggression on the road. I was like 'duh', well yeah', thats why she shouldnt have been doing it in the first place. She wouldnt tale gate unconsciously she was right up to the other car forcing them to move. It was a game to her, another form of aggression and abuse she could get away with.

Note one thing however. When she realized that she was going to be caught, she then stopped the behavior immediately. This is woman who was fascinated with reading about serial killers and I believe that during the time in the late 90's is when she started to show signs of cracking from years of harassment. She started to turn into that monster- fully and totally. As one perp in St Louis said to me "Women from Boston might be beautiful in thier bodies and thier minds but a person can take only so much", so these bastards know what they are doing to Targeted people over time.

She only ceased this behavior when she realized she could potentially be caught by authorities. My mother is very careful to not be caught doing illegal things. Luckily she is not connected nor bright enough to do large scale illegal things with this same stealth. She is targeted and refuses to see it in its entirety.
People involved in gs campaigns are somehow very into the idea of abuse. And due to it being of a legitimized covert nature (national security- even private companies being contracted out to do actual targeting of human beings on national security contracts) there usually arent any consequences with authority- only rewards.


Anonymous said...

About the tailgating: I have drivers in front of me squatting in the passing lane, at the same pace and directly across from a car in the slow lane. You might say this is an orchestrated attempt to make the TI look abusive by getting pissed and tailgating the obvious perp to get her or him to move. Or better still, to get the TI all worked up with anger to go on a road rage spree. No doubt many street theatre skits are set up with the intent of making the TI look like an abuser, and the cooperating perps are the ones looking like victims. And this lane-squatting goes on for miles at a time, until another driver gets pissed off and makes the perp move. And how many times have I seen trash-trinkets related to mind control thrown out by perps in cars?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they know they are doing it with little evidence to prove anything, but leaving as much emotional damage as possible onto the target. And on top of this, it also serves as cheap entertainment at no cost to the abuser.