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Friday, February 18, 2011

LEVERAGE: Another Manipulative TV Show About Manipulation

Another disgusting tv show mirroring the horrors of psy ops, covert ops and gang stalking. Leverage it seems is the name of it. I think it was marketed as a covert group of people that work against powers that be when people are helpless and cant go to thier govt etc.

As usual its never told to the public that every thing that is marketed as positive and good can also be used for negative purposes as well. Much of the manipulation they use like using actors and having these people getting instructions by earphone on how to get what they want out of the targets etc, much of it matches up with what is done to TI's who are being abused, experimented on, victim witnesses silenced or whistle blowers discredited. The bait and wait and things being done to get the target to respond based on psych profiles or info gathering. Over years these are great stressors on the TI. People constantly being dihonest with you and obviously manipulating you, especially after such hurtful betrayals and after torture with 'non lethal' weapons. How sick is that? No these are things done by covert factions if not private companies nowadays that can have contracts outsourced to them by anyone including govt probably.

Of course this show makes it all appear harmless, well even fun kids! But of course real psy ops are not fun they are damaging destructive and eventually deadly. Another piece of evidence of the dark circus funhouse that has become the West and how the public like thier new Satanic Disneyworld just fine. I cant wait to leave them to rot in it.

Can you imagine people so naive that they would not understand how serious and damaging this could be if abused? When you are targeted and youve got arrogant kids, mere kids often enough, coming up to you and treating you like yer stupid with these baiting games, just to gain info out of you or it seems score some sort of points by actually getting you the TI to interact with them when you the TI is trying to process years of damage and truama physical and otherwise. It is what has destroyed my mind over time surely. And I will never forgive them for what they did and I want the whole world to see America makes fun TV shows out of what is actually the ways and means of deadly psy ops.


  1. The problem with this System is that everything is done under such a heavy thick veil of anonymity, with lots of cheating going on, and then they just flaunt it right in our faces with "you can't win". No perps behind this every get exposed, with their motives, etc. That would be great to find out actual names and post them on a site like wikileaks. That would be awesome.

  2. Interesting when you mention the psyops involving Masons, satanism, etc. I've read that some targets have had strange things happen to them around the hours of 12AM to 3AM, which is supposedly Witching Hour. Like for examples, some targets allude to being woken up at 3AM every night. 3AM is supposedly the Devil's Hour, so of course, the perps will try to play games between those hours, to make targets think there is something satanic going on, or connected to "Witches". I myself have had perps do things to me between those hours, and sometimes I have been given e-harassment in the "Witching Hour".

    I myself don't really believe in Satan or Lucifer or whatever. From what I've seen, there is money and human greed, and those can not be underestimated. It was told to me that money is the root of all evil, and it certainly is true. To me, "Satan" is just an abstraction to represent avarice and all other darker sides of human nature. But then, by become involving in cults centering around Satan, then this means the cult members are mind controlled whose "drives" are centered around these very concepts.