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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Elite's Jealousy

Gang stalking for those of us programmed is about interrigation and that is becuz its part of forced deprogramming and then behavior modification. Isolated, interrogated and then reformed- then placed back into society. Basically its like a huge hand of a giant comes down and picks a person out of a crowd and then isolates them, sqeezes whats in them out of them and then places in them what they want the person to be made up of, then places them back into the game or the world. Nothing but an altered chess piece is all.

That is what being the target of a behavior modification program is like. And the elite and thier children are more than happy to help out due to mind control SLAVERY being about people they can be better than who are under thier control basically. Which is why all rich assholes who like to f*ck with me are disregarded and ignored immediately. Who CARES what they think? From Emerson to Harvard to So Cal those little bastards have been nothing but trouble and obstacle. Them and thier house slaves. I have little patience for either.

If you even snicker at someone who is the victim of intergenerational human experimentation tracing back to MK Ultra and the military then I do NOT need to live in the USA. They snicker becuz the people involved in making money this way in the US know that no scientist has ever had consequences for such actions or crimes against humanity. Obviously, this is not the country to live in. Safe as it may be compared to the rest of the world, its a prison. And I have been kept down here and persecuted all my life as has my family before me. Enough is enough.

If you leave the US no one notices anyway due to the place being so big, and over the top and rich and spoiled. So why is it such an issue I dont leave?

Someone on the Internet described moving out of the US, specifically to Europe as losing ten pounds and getting a new girlfriend. I think that is something the overlords here dont want its citizens to know about. I do not have alot of life span left and would like to finally get something out of life. Not remain in a country that has never respected me, abused me since I can remember and insists on keeping me down as some kind of bizarre ritual for the greater good.

They keep down the massa's slaves for him, his enemies, and market that as the New Equality. If you are arrogant and pissed off at all about injustice then you think you are special and need to be knocked off your high horse.
Just recall Laura (Romney's brat family member going to a college in St Louis who I had the displeasure of meeting) saying that Eric Clapton was "such a talented arrogant artist". Becuz SHE is not as talented and never will be. This is all about jealousy from a large group of people who will destroy what you have if they cannot buy it for themselves. Its that simple.

They honestly feel that thier wealth should afford them the ability to be supreme in every way and if something cant be bought then they can at least buy its being erased out of this world.

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Anonymous said...

I guess it's because THEY can't stand to see standouts among the commoners, the nobodies, grow and flourish, while THEY, are left with nothing but their money and prestige. Also, an artist with tremendous talent (which is what got TI's targeted as well) is in danger of stealing the show, being not only remembered for eternity, but also, very influential among future artists. They can't stand that. They think THEY should have the influence over future generations and all the power and the standout ability. This could be why TI's are targeted for generations, and they 'inherit' their targeted.