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Sunday, February 13, 2011

News Report Gang Stalking: FOX News KCBA Cali, USA

Another news report that actually validates gang stalking.

I now understand why they have stopped the harassment as much as they were doing during Bush. Becuz people are aware moreso. I also think that they could get away with much more during the confusion of the war.

Its still not being linked to organized crime or to human experimentation, mind control projects etc but at least its validated as existing.

Arent they clever. NOW I sound truly nuts becuz I am talking about being hit with mostly remote influence which is no longer really gang stalking in the accepted definition. Where were these reports when they were super overt during Bush. I mean it was really bad. And my campaign was like EVERY city I went to all over the USA.

My case would be easy to prove as far as gang stalking but how can I link it to my mother's radiation experimention/ MK Ultra. Ever since they harassed her she dropped the subject and probably would just deny it now. If anyone's story sounds like conspiracy its mine. There was a huge conspiracy in Boston with the people involved here why is no one doing anything? Why is everyone just ignoring this? Becuz its connected to powerful people, or agencies? Becuz its connected to continued human experimentation or the military?

Its great that cops in this vid stick with victims but its hard for me to deal with when my gang stalking was mostly cops in the beginning. And if anyone DARED to say it was becuz I was not living right you can kiss my ass becuz what they were doing is trying to make it so I never got in trouble becuz if I did I'd be forced to give up the REAL criminals who pay thier asses off. And the cops in Cambridge and Brookline also leaned on me extra hard until I signed out of court on the mold case against OLNICK. And thats just the cover story!

No one wants to touch me case becuz there are prominent men as my old associates clients. And no one wants to go near MK Ultra. If the US Govt will only give the recorded victims an advisory committee and not a military tribunal for war crimes or at least a real court room deal and a covert faction harassed my mother and obviously other legit victims from going to give their testimony/class action lawsuit then it seems everyone is afraid of those bastards.


Anonymous said...

People are waking up.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been a Gang Stalking Target for over 30 years. Found out 10 years ago that I have teams of people trying to run me out of the country, or even into the ground.

here is a link to my incident reports which I am putting online

These people are sick and demented. I have no clue how people can organize to do something like this