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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
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Monday, February 28, 2011

An Example of Mental Illness vs Being A Targeted Individual

Its my birthday and like all other holidays in the USA the effects of tech used in my campaign cease completely providing total relief.

I felt my own personal power today and did not feel anxious, like I was going to die, fear ridden etc at all today. I felt centered and balanced. Also there was no interface. No Truman Show ideations, no famous people watching through a Truman Show or interfacing mentally/psychically. I was left alone and could think, feel (whats left of that), sense properly and just BE.

This is the difference between the mentally ill and Targeted Individuals.

This somewhat annoying Christian girl who is more nuts that Christian, tells me all the time that the Holy Spirit talks to her. That 'god' tells her to do this do that go here or leave from a situation. She also uses her god against people, saying her god told her to pray against someone for some slight.
She also said that her god gives her behavior modification. That he rewards her with a song in her head when she does things the way shes told.

I told her about these weapons and tech that the military has. That there are documented cases of psy ops in third world countries where they have the natives believing that god is talking to them etc.
I asked her if it ceases when she goes underground or when she changes locations or with changes in weather. She said it was always with her wherever she goes.

Either this woman is chipped or she is truly mentally ill, or one must consider that her god may exist. The difference is that those of us that are TI's know we are becuz what occurs with us, the effects always follow the behavior and patterns of technologies. I have listed these before but to summarize- the effects of psy ops technology or mind control tech change with location, weather and environment such as going underground or into a building that does not allow for cell phone reception. And all of these changes are exactly the same pattern over and over again. Also, in many cases the effects seem to be on a schedule- in my case it is from 6am to 12midnight approx nationwide. For instance in San Diego CA, the times are 5:30 am to 11:30 pm. In St Louis during Bush they times varied wildly but always the tech effects ended somewhere between 11pm or 1 am. Never any later or earlier.

This lines up exactly with Michael Aquino's MIND WAR research paper which proposes that mind control tech as psy ops be piggybacked onto cell phone and other means of systems of delivery to further the national interests of whatever country uses such means, mostly to gain compliance from citizens and enemies alike in their agendas.

Any place where there is no cell phone reception I do not experience the effects of this tech as I do daily especially in the metro area of a major city. However, NOT being subject to the effects of this tech may actually result in much more harmful interactions with harassment or abuse, which is usually always out of an area that has a military base. The southwest is notorious for this.
And due these experiences I have to assume that perhaps there is a two level system. It may be that what comes over the cell towers actually is meant to manage and protect citizens or Targeted Individuals while they are being tortured by more vicious means of attack from greater threats. It may be that this is the chosen path for behavior modification being most effective.

A parallel with the systematic torture in Gitmo. You are tortured by professionals and then they sit you down with a psychologist that helps you recover from the torture, which must induce Stockholm syndrome very quickly and strongly. Many times I have heard Targets say 'my perps' do this or that. Your perps? Stockholm syndrome has set in and you dont even recognize it.

The cell tower tech effects might be to manage the torture from other tech sources so that its the same effect. Becuz I have been brutally abused more so in places like the southwest, a military base in the northwest and part of Wyoming much more hardcore than ever in any major city except during Bush Boston was pretty bad and St Louis nearly killed me within city limits. Phoenix was also comparable to Boston at that time. However, while on a train going from ABQ, NM to Santa Fe NM I was hit with things that seemed much more heavy handed and severe compared to what was experienced in city limits. The cell phone did not work fully in that stretch of land. While having no cell reception in Wyoming coming out of Salt Lake City UTAH I had a horrible experience, with the power and magnitude length of the attack matching the others in military base areas without cell phone reception. This means that there are powerful factions within the US that have the use of tech that is war size against an enemy. The effects within city limits seem smaller somehow, dont have the capacity to cover the same amount of area and seem more attuned to managing the Target in day to day living. The waves seem 'faster' and 'shorter' opposed to the heavy hitting, large area coverage capability of what must be military mind control/psy ops tech.

What strikes me about this woman is a few things. Firstly, if she is getting behavior modification via what sounds like classical conditioning (rewards system) then how is it a spiritual being? It sounds more like being targeted. Also years ago when my campaign was very heavy handed during Bush in Boston, she was one of the people that seemed to know my situation in part and also was the one who warned me that an Asian lesbian who was in on it, who was frequenting the shelter scene, was trying to see if she could get me have sex with her as she wanted to have someone who hadnt been with a woman before.

Also, who the hell can forget the in person stalking and harassment for years on end. Who can forget how overt they were during Bush? Who can ever believe that was imagined?

Over time a TI like me will settle into thier situation. I was told years ago that "They are mad at you becuz you arent accepting your situation".
Nowadays my health is compromised as well as I have been beaten down and it seems that also there is more tech in use than during Bush which is almost impossible to fight especially here in Boston- any major city.
I am very suspect of this attitude as the military has a track record of having this attitude towards its prisoners or people they want to use further in their goals. Such an example is the Japanese comfort women, who were little Japanese women that were put into brothels for American soldiers. I dont recall if they were paid at all or not but the conditions they worked under were that of outright sex slaves not for pay sex workers with some say in what goes on performing thier function. The average amount of males that a Japanese comfort woman had intercourse with in one day was 60. True not all of them would be having intercourse some might want something easier especially if they took pity on the women seeing they were tired, underfed or in pain. However thats still a ridiculous number for any women to have to deal with sexually in one day, and I cant imagine they got days off unless their handlers feared them dying or having a medical emergency that would interrupt business. So what they did most likely is take the girl off just long enough so that she could function without severe consequences. Which is also interesting as this is what is done to many TI's. I recall during Bush I was tortured daily in some locations (Boston being one of them) and there were people watching. If I showed signs of being in pain or reacting too severely, they would drive by, observe more closely and afterwards the torture would cease or be taken down a notch. This occurred repeatedly. And I have experienced many times where if I seriously contemplate suicide, the effects will roll back a bit or cease and negotiations will begin so I do not suicide.

I also experienced an older couple that were perps during the Bush era, in Kenmore Sq looking at me and saying "I dont think she can take it today". So this kind of use and abuse of people especially women is common and many TI's have experienced a parellel experience with many victims of various military factions world wide in the way they handle prisoners, torture or exploiting people as a resource.

My main point about the Japanese comfort women is that the statement made by the military was that slowly the women came to humbly accept thier "work" and thier situation. This is exactly what occurs over time in the case of a Targeted Individual. I could be around perps right now and not even know it anymore due to my senses as well as my nerves being so fried. I used to be able to tell who the hidden or subtle perps were. One occasion in Buffalo NY outside a laundromat a black girl and her older sister sat in a car once and the little one asked the older one if I could really see them. "Can she really see?" Her sister nodded but with a hesitation and controlled fear.

This means that I have come to a point where I am beaten down and am accepting my situation. Not Willfully but out of years and years of torture, rape and brainwashing- harassment and stalking. Controlling abuse.

If you look at all the signs of domestic abuse in relationships it matches up perfectly with everything that is done to a TI in a psy ops/brainwashing or 'gang stalking' campaign.

The only thing that is altered is that perps usually dont want to leave evidence so they cannot harm you physically, and in some TI's cases, harming them physically would only make thier Will stronger, so this is avoided at all costs. This is especially the case in mind controlled slaves who are able to compartmentalize and the system is using Gang Stalking as an abusive deprogramming system to deprogram them by force.They are trying to fully destroy it and socialize me as a normal, average person in society.

Also they want me as sexually incapacitated as possible due to sex and laughter being two key ways of strengthening the immune system.
They are basically making me into a eunuch and my natural aggression is the target of thier destruction. Not only do they not allow me any outlets for my aggression, they also ensure that it is used against me to destroy me slowly inside as anger and feeling all the effects of years of abuse and being helpless to do anything about it. This is used for control of the Targeted person. Your aggression is manipulated against you as well as kept from you using it to strengthen yourself physically or otherwise.

They want a cow not a bull and I was a bull.

They are also trying to fully socialize mind control survivors and make it so they cannot use anything in thier internal programming to have an edge over others in the rest of society. The programmed person feels its thiers and the system feels that they were programmed for use in special forces for specific tasks and that belongs to THEM not the individual and has no place in average society. It also has to do with many Survivors wanting to go up against the system as activists or in other ways fixing what is wrong with our corrupt system in the USA. They dont want people with special abilities to become strong and go up against thier means of social control. And due to mind control Survivors being governed by inside brainwashing opposed to society outside themselves, they will be impervious to outside social control and also be able to easily see the control tactics once they deprogram from internal controls.

Also, what they are pulling right now with enslaving mankind with these technologies and by other 'gang stalking' means but using it in a system of mass mind control, is being covered up as building a New World Order that promises peace on earth and all of these pipe dreams. Every deprogrammed Survivor of mind control who is now targeted knows that if mind control must be used- then its about CONTROL not peace which is why many of us are targeted right now.


  1. This is some of your better work Rachael , Check your email re Gang Stalking FGS , this Mark over and
    out .

    I tried to reach you and aimed to truly help you . You rejected this and did not once phone me .

    To so much as give me a chance to express my opinion . I sent you almost a $1000 AUD .

    And you did thank me I think in your blog . But I deserved a phone call just 1 .

    Any way you will read my opinion of you in email YOU WONT LIKE IT . Stiff cheese you deserve to be spoken to frankly for your failure to publish the FGS process .

    You say you want to help TI,s then publish the truth about Freemasonry Gang Stalking { there is no other !!!

    Over and out Rachael I will not ever contact you again .

    Sorry i couldn't reach you .

    I tried to help . Mark

  2. Happy Birthday and all good vibes from Gangstalk City.