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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Video Eye Tracking/Computer Human Interface

Imagine if we were being monitored THROUGH the computer screens of our pc's or even laptops. If part of monitoring a human experimentee, is not only monitoring perhaps thier body's functions (which as been shown to be a reality proposed by medical science, of course to help humanity. Never admitting that such things can be used to imprison people or for unethical human experimentation).

What if when we use the computer, those people who are experimentees anyway so know from experience they are monitored, and in some geographical areas there was a capacity to also monitor the Target's eye movements and put that into the data collection/observation of the 'subject'/Target in the overall monitoring of the person?

Of course in many cases this would simply be part of behavior modification. A aggressive and constant call and return system is certainly part of many TI's experiences and this is used to make the person feel so watched, so imprisoned that they eventually, hopefully will fall into line with the constant return information or hypnotic suggestions constantly being communicated to them via v2k or other means. If they feel watched enough, this in itself being harassment, they will eventually feel that nothing they do is NOT monitored so having no privacy, cant escape from this system so might as well just go along with it.

After experiencing so much many TI's know that anything is possible at this point due to a secret system in place using the excuse of anti-terror. As someone who has a direct connection to MK Ultra through my mother, its obvious that the experimentation never ended. This is I think what my generation was trying to warn the world about, the increasing influence and power of large corporations. Youve now got alot of politicians and others in govt admitting that its now a "lawless society".

Its quite easy to imagine that part of the torture or behavior modification of TI's could include such ideations. Whether they are real or being induced is questionable.

Ive been in the shower room of The Lutheran, the Harvard Sq Homeless Shelter and I always feel watched while showering. True tech is so advanced that hidden cameras are possible. But its always from a certain direction- a corner to the right, within the ceiling of the adjoining shower stall. There are two problems with this. One is that it doesnt seem like its a camera at all- it feels or is percieved more like its either a falsehood like an ideation that is induced in the Targeted person or the monitoring of that person is done in some other way like through other technology. Something that can see through walls or perhaps ultrasound to form a picture instead of direct video surveillance. The concept in the last Batman movie, of taking multiple cell phones in an area and linking them together to use them collectively as a sort of sonar like whales use to map out what is around them, in this day and age is not such a far fetched idea. Something like that, I am not educated enough to say whether that specific concept is a physical reality or not, if it would work.

The main problem with this is that I do not get such an idea on in that same location on Sundays, where in the Boston/Cambridge area, there seems to be a day of relief from most tech torture and interface as is experienced between approx 12 midnight and 6 am Mon-Sat, with exception of holidays.
What, the cameras would be off on Sundays? So its most likely some sort of see through the wall tech or just another falsehood induced by tech. Ensuring the TI PERCIEVES they have no private moments is all that counts. Not if its really true or not. And lack of privacy is a major part of cult brainwashing.

So is there a capacity to watch people through computer screens, to monitor your eye movements? All that matters is that Targets be convinced of such as part of a constant call and return system via interface.

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