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Saturday, February 12, 2011

long post on race rock and roll, things poor white people like and finally a word on man's ignorance about electro mag

I'll fix these posts later. I am on system that cannot do normal navigation like regular computer..and its best writing experience since 2002..when life was normal.

There is something definately connected to keeping the production of such energies down in humans. If not completely repressed. The inner dimensions of human imagination is being wiped out and replaced by replica's of computer worlds in the 90's and now simply just formed and defined by the tech that exists. It is actually capable of not only interfering and interfacing with the human mind but to shape and form as well. And it is nothing compared to what Nature intended human beings to be capable of. I notice that there is total disregard for man made created electromagnetic energies which have been proven to be detrimental to human beings and thier health. Also the sights of naturally occuring production of earth's electromagnetic energy which is healing and nourishing to human beings is kept basically secret and guarded jealously by certain factions. I dont know what Lourdes France is like where one such site exists but I know that Scottsdale near Sedona is a place I experienced even the edges of such a site. I never got to go to Sedona as its very expensive and one needs a car. Isnt that interesting. One of the most metaphysically power rich states in the USA is the worst gang stalking state with the most obnoxious military presence.

Through the years perps have revealed to me the basic outline of the people they fear and destroy. Mentioned through the years was Tupac, Tesla, and anyone along the lines of enlightenment of the masses or bringing in true sources of energy, Nature's energy.

This is why they are decieving you concerning 'enlightenment'. Within some Masonic systems there seems to be this image of an angel of light but more affiliated with what seems like nourishing and positive energies to humans. Associated with Mt Olympus, Rosicrucianism, the story of the Grail. There are positive sources of enlightenment. Why would anybody buy into this modern totally cheap marketing of a dark enlightenment that isnt enlightenment at all. Its illumination not enlightenment and it might just lead to you getting sucked dry as well. A bunch of rap artists flashing Masonic symbolism like cheap gang signs and dressing in black and red constantly is NOT enlightenment. It simply shows that Prince Hall has been overun with gang members who also have connections to the military obviously and are now gaining footing in the big world of power and wealth by doing dirty work for them. Yes, if yer like me, this kind of elite makes you want to vomit. What makes me think that Tupac's style of being wealthy and a flashy a-hole was not half as annoying as the jerks doing this today. There is something much more dangerous about people this far removed from the street who arent 'keepin it real' but really keepin it. Keepin that money for themselves while you are still poor buyin thier cd's and worshiping them. Its all about monetary gain now.

One of the main problems with this demographic is that they are brainwashed from slave days to believe in Christianity. The natural backlash is what we see going on. At least voodoo is something pagan to Africa and a much more natural choice for people of African descent in warfare. The problem is that much of African American culture clings to thier church and thier god as if he was thier king or cheiftain, but then simultaneously they act in the interest of greed, self satisfaction and being Christian is just another way of the folkish habit of blacks, especially the females, to be better than other people via some connection to a power outside themselves. Blacks have very strange beliefs sometimes that dont make sense to whites. Using a facecloth becuz the soap might be dirty is one of them. Not using the towel to through on the floor after you shower becuz no one wants to use a towel like that after its been on the floor...but thats after you wash it. Whos going to know the difference? They live among filth in ghetto areas but the towel on the floor and the soap..its shit like that that confuses whites totally. And along with those strange folk beliefs or what I call slave culture thinking, comes this status weight throwing around. To believe that being a gold bling laden Christian makes you better than is insane and totally unrealistic. Its also dishonest. I guess its no different than the Italian mob guys going to Catholic mass but at least they know in thier hearts " Italian first, Catholic afterwards". But blacks act like they actually believe that shit which is infuriating. Then you have this total departure from the black church culture which results in something so vile, so evil, so primitive, so out of the jungles that its beyond Satanism. Satanists have brains. This is just violence. I wonder if a better balance could be struck if the Church were not such a part of thier lives.

What I am saying is that no matter what blacks do they cannnot seem to face reality without religion or cult/gang/tribe mentality or now a masonic gang to belong to. Perhaps that would mean facing the true history of thier existence in the US. Blacks are insane becuz they are still a displaced people without a fair definition of thier own identity. Everything they do seems to be to counter against the white definition of thier identity. And then bring it back further and one sees that the US in itSELF is a falsehood then we have to think 'genocide of the Natives' to see reality and no one wants to do that. THEN people are going to have to get real and realize that alot of blacks have white DNA but the reverse is not so much true. Also that many whites have Native DNA. These are the factors no one wants to face that make up the USA as it is today. We also have to admit that unless we are part Native this is NOT our land. Its foreign to our bodies and our spirits which is why we need religion and why America is so violent and consistently disatisfied. Look around the globe. Countries that are isolated long enough develop thier own special unique cultures. Which we now want to destroy with Diversity. Its interesting that while the greatest genocides are occuring off media spotlight world wide due to globalization, which is destroying many native cultures around the globe, we have the fuckin audacity to concern ourselves with Diversity. And I know damn well that poor white culture is NOT included in Diversity but that we are being forced to define ourselves by being absorbed into either YUPpie culture (horrid insecure slightly upper middle class bores) or black ghetto culture (not as fun as seen on TV believe me). Why cant we be absorbed by Latino ghetto culture or Native American culture? Why does it have to be African American? I sense a conspiracy. One that will be dismissed promptly with me being called paranoid about globalization and a racist for not liking Diversity. In fact those WILL be the counter tactics to silence my or anyone else's criticism. Bet on it.

America needs Disney World becuz America is not real. Years ago this might have been alright to live with, when America was left alone, when it was still real, when life was fairly normal. But then Reagan got in and we got rescued from Communists and big government by Mr Hollywood/GE spokesman (GE? Eccch!) and most likely the wizard behind the curtain being Bush as usual. (My greatest curiosity about our planet will be on the day that man dies. I wonder if we can live life after that, not knowing his icy hands interfering with every god damn thing going on in world affairs known to man during his life time? Will they come up with another one like him? Let us absolutely hope not.But people like him will always exist. That infamous photo of that Texan winking at Johnson after the emergency swearing in with Jackie O looking distraught still is enough to tell us that that kind of person will never be away from worldly affairs. The problem is how much power they have gained especially through their long term support of Nazi ideology, most importantly the findings of experimentation.)

I am really beginning to believe the theories about Hitler NOT dying and being taken in that submarine that went MIA from record for months. Its documented that they would have had time to pick up people from that area and end up in South America then return.

I think its very serious, the issue of the Nazis coming across just more than theories about time travel and thier very real power in metaphysics.

Then one considers how vile the control of our culture is from Jewish factions. Which might be considrered racism and paranoia were there not so much evidence to the contrary. As well as supposedly aiding Isreal is what got us bombed on 9-11. They never really did give you an explaination of motive for that did they. Of course that is what the terrorists themselves admitted was their motive but you are told that its just this insane religious fanaticism based craziness that makes them jealously hate all westerners in some vague fashion. One has to consider how they got so pissed off to begin with.
We are all the way over on the other side of the damn earth, what beef would they have with us? None unless we are up in thier business somehow, in ways that are not made obvious to the American public.

That little Israeli brat Netta that was in on the gang stalking of me in 2004 or so, used to say with glee "The Muslim world is fighting for its life". Something about her and that statement all together made me want to slap the shit out of her. In fact many Semetic looking women Jew and non Jew alike end up wanting to slap the shit out of that green eyed, Polish Jew brat Netta. Dark Isreali girls would go after her all the time in her country and I can understand why now. Its not jealousy shes just infuriating and obnoxious.

It was like a joke to her. I dont think Israelis are arrogant at all. I think they are so totally brainwashed and programmed like thier middle eastern counterparts, the suicide bombers that there will never be peace in that land. And personally as I have posted before I wish we could be left out of their dramas. Its so awful and boring and so none of my business.

Can we PLEASE just take another look at Tesla so we dont have to use thier stupid oil anymore and when that happens we can then happily ignore them and thier infighting drama bullshit and have our own cultures and lives back from any and all of thier influence? Notice how European cultures have to be dominated by certain people's affairs constantly. BORING. Bring back Beethoven and Michael Angelo, ancient Egypt and all of pre Muslim pagan culture.

In fact if you look at much of the trouble in the world its due to the three stooges: Muslims, Christians and Jews. If they cant behave and get alone just do away with all three. Most of the world has simply been destroyed due to thier influence anyway. What great ancient civilization HASN'T Muslim culture destroyed anyway? Egypt and Arabia just to name two.

Three major ways to control entire populations and guaranteed wars. Niiiice plan. And all this business dealing will continue to be hidden underneath religious bs.

Its just insulting to me, to think that we are so advanced that we can create entire false environments or interface the human mind and influence events or outcomes but we cant stop the old behaviors of the old world. Doesnt that also seem a bit odd to you? The problem is that the public are just a bit too aware now of old control tactics like 'divide and conquer' as well as war and the bs of religious differences when obviously there is a power structure in place that runs things.

I dont think that anyone minds African Americans getting theirs but when that seems to involve them taking ours its no longer acceptable. And its through sheer numbers and intimidation. For rich blacks to have more power would be of course normal considering thier status and social standing. But whats going on at a street level on main street is much akin to world domination unless it seems you are like white and set up in some YUPpie reality. Why are poor whites and thier culture being targeted for deletion? If it were about getting rid of the poor then it would not be about race it would strictly be about class. So what then exactly is going on?

I think what has occurred also is that whites themselves have abandoned folk culture in America and have fled to being YUPpies to survive. The less numbers the more chance of a takeover.
And poor whites are being intimidated into being silenced by YUPpie white culture. Its insulting that they want to run our lives when they are hardly the ones who have to live among the now enemy.
Its nice to feel at home with African Americans, its nice to feel they accept you and that the women are there for you as fellow females without the cold bitchery of higher status white women. There is a stupidity among middle class whites that has always made me turn hateful and its always been exhibited by my own family. I find it so vile that I immediately reject it as foreign. Its based on the same folk stupidity as I mentioned about much of black culture I have experienced, usually blacks who are trying to be better than or hiding behind Christianity while still running game etc. This is why many poor whites just feel comfortable with black females who are non threatening types from that social strata. The overbearing ones who want to dominate you cuz yer white can f*ck off and they know that from me as well. If they dont, they will in time. I just stay away from them. That is just as unacceptable as miss priss as YUPpie calling me on some unPC word choice while I fight on the front lines of homelessness everyday, where we get treated very UNpc in fact. I no longer deal well with selfish, unthinking idiots. I do NOT have enough life energy left to have people like this trying to steal it. And that is what certain types of people do, that is ALL they do.

Poor whites are so sparce now and so weak in their cultural identity that they are easily picked off by predators. The idea over the last decade, coming from the ghetto culture locally, that I would be easy pickings or that I would put out somehow to black males within that culture is so insane and presumtuous its outrageous. Years ago blacks were not that bold, though in the northeast they were that predatory with a poor white that they felt could be dominated. My aunt being an idiot of great example. Why my red headed uncle didnt put a gun so someone'e head (preferably Honey's head, my aunts obnoxious female pimp from Roxbury) to stop that bs is beyond me. This is the kind of dirt on my family that they want me discredited from bringing out. They want the world to only see little miss Christen Noel, my blonde cousin, the genetic engineer whos also an ordained minister. The ULTIMATE cover story and whitewash. And I am supposed to stand by and be homeless and destroyed just becuz they want to scapegoat all thier past history on me. Well why not? Im on my way down anyway so go for it. Isnt that what those selfish, greedy fucked up bastards in my family said to themselves when I was being harassed out of my apartment? Isnt that what Jake said to himself when they busted him and obviously offered him some deal? Isnt that what Julie was thinking? Or the Petitti's? Isnt it? What they all were thinking?

And they continue to think that due to they now having formed this little death pact with myself as human sacrifice at the center that its going to continue to go so well. That silence will be preserved. You can read plainly that mind control 'theories' and other unprovable subjects are not the full gamet of the information I have to reveal.

What all these assholes did to me is very simple which is why an entire community joined in with them: I have been so terrorized, so exposed to tortures and horrors that my speaking about such things is going to have the effect of discrediting anything I say that IS believable about all the scum that sold me out like my family and Jake and Julie and those little rich bastards in NA that helped get rid of me for aforementioned parties. Hmph. One of the diversionary cover stories used to gaslight me was that Edna this Hebe drag king I hung out with partially out of actually liking her personality and partially out of curiousity of the culture of dykes I guess, which is damn fasinating. Its been thrown at me from various perps, of course like its funny, that her big black dyke girlfriend was so jealous that she had me targeted. Can you believe the f*ckin egos on these people?

Edna is a rich kid whos dad lives in Florida. She seems decent enough but might just be as sick as Scott as an abuser but I wud never know that becuz I dont do women. Thats her business. All I could see was that she scalped tickets for a living, was very popular in that circuit (Irish mob) and someone told me innocently that it was so very strange how she always usually won the scalper lottery to get the best tickets. I know this system well enough and I know that world from J. having prime ticket connections in Allston (eww, dont ask) to know that its a scam that she wins every time. Duh. And she directed me to that crooked lawyer who's idea of managing client expectation was to tell me that my mold claim was not "yer pot of gold at the end of the rainbow". Jerk.

All these trust fund jerk offs need to realize one thing. Jake and his crew needs to also listen the fuck up and get thier heads out of their rock and roll asses..oh sorry now Hollywood asses. Julie's little creepy sleazebags needs to also NOW hear this:




I might be one of the only people in this whole mess who is actually working off my own Will for f*cks sake. Everyone else seems like they are part of a group, a cult, working for the Man, an agenda or just living in denial to preserve the status quo.
I am the power of one here not you.

This is also another tactic by the system probably to get me to tell my story. Piss off my ego. Also they can f*ck off as well. My story is going to be told to screw my enemies and ratt on corrupt authorities that went too far during Bush, not to prove that MK Ultra works to get programmed people to tell everything they know.

Its amazing that I am being treated like a fuckin serial killer in some FBI tv show when in fact its the cops and other factions that are the bad guys here. THEY cover for crime, THEY kill people THEY destroy lives. They can abuse thier little psych training all they want. I am not a dangerous person and if I am angry its becuz overbearing authorities have destroyed my life and then laughed in my face about it. By the way, the abuses of power by the MA state police is well documented throughout the history of this commonwealth. And I recall cops being a major source of abuse in my case. Its been said to me before and they have shown thier presence enough repeatedly to have proven that to be the case.

They believe becuz they hold power over crime and justice they are gods. They literally believe this. I wont soon forget that fat bastard on that motorcycle in Haymarket sitting there telling me that becuz my life is meaningless I have to make it seem important. WTF? I hope that porker was NOT referring to my activism. Becuz if the staties now think they are experts on MK Ultra and the military they are either covering for involvement in assisting such parties in what they are doing to me and my family or Satanic connections within the police force. They could actually be that pumped up, psycho and arrogant as to believe that all that exists beneath their feet up in the castle is known to them. As if they dont get left out of alot of covert operations all the time. From what I have seen cops are programmed mind control slaves themselves. I loved the one in San Diego that was so young he was still in that phase of staring off into space.. 'remembering' stuff, but not actually remembering that he remembered, see? You only REALLY remember when you like in yer 30's. Sucks to have me walking around talking about reality when you immerse yourselves in denying it daily.

If cops faced themselves and the horrors that they support they would,like any other programmed person, probably die right there of terror...or suicide. There are decent cops but there are so many creepy bastards in on this. Real shitty human beings who are cops but...when you read them you sense they are hiding something else. They dont shine like as pure as the light that reflects off of a metal shield in the sun, which is the reading I get from REAL cops that arent dark hearted bastards who suck and stoop to insulting a woman fighting the fucking world all by herself. The problem might be that they are still able to be the worst kind of males and I dont tolerate male bs well at all. They still get that place to hide considering the nature of thier work and I truly believe there is a cabal of male dominance- a cult if you will among fire, police, and those city workers that partially explains thier willingness to 'handle' a female target of my description. They are part of a cult that endlessly promotes the patriarchy, but hey, what doesnt right? And since Bush its just a total lost cause right? No more Sex In The City culture to hide in, nothing like the 90's where we had a truly safe place to get away from them and this culture. Now we only have that awful younger crowd of women who are totally pathetic conformists, afraid of everything, limp wristed and only back up PC to back up the status quo. Totally erased from memory is the true feminist movement. Dead as a door nail. And it was flawed anyway. Who includes males as part of feminism just becuz of race? You got yer priorities mixed up sisters seriously. No wonder it was so easy for the white male to send in the black males to co opt females and destroy them with HO this and Bitch that. YOU created those monsters by giving them nurture and support. Its kind of like sitting on eggs that have snakes in them out of blind maternal instinct. They are gonna eat you eventually after they hatch when they get big enough. And that is exactly what happened ladies.

When are you gonna learn that lesbianism, Jewish feminists, Black civil rights issues or rich white suburban hooker hating feminists are NOT the answer. Its not about tolerating people now are NOT the white male. Its about advocating for FEMALES everywhere and not just females you like or are comfy with. Yer idiots for taking in enemy factions just to establish numbers. Are you that weak that you need to feel you have allies at such a high cost? Feminism or advocating for females is a feeling of strong sisterhood that comes naturally. If you need all kinds of complicated ideals or if you need to push gay agendas or black agendas to feel validated then you are weak women and stay the hell out of the way becuz I DO NOT trust you.

And when are you going to understand that the white male overlord, the elite white male patriarchy watches with amusement as you waste your time with races and religions and nursing potential enemy factions on your breast when you should be forging forward with sword and shield in the name of your own interests- the welfare of all females. And if anyone wants to bring in race issues or religions or gay issues as part of the agenda, drop em right there and keep fuckin moving. IF YOU DID THAT THE WHITE PATRIARCHY YOU ARE SO OPPOSED TO WOULD BE SHITTING THEMSELVES. I know.

One of the things I did to get targeted was to present the idea not of a stupid female trying to infiltrate West Point to take away what boys have but to say fuck them and built a West Point just for women. An elite force and NO MALE instructors allowed until they were totally trained as female warriors. Males would only be needed to train females about the male mind and his potential as ally and as enemy. He would always be seperate.

Also since factions like ATF who were about to be deleted due to being obsolete in the 90's had no trouble marketing themselves back into existence simply by latching onto big brother FBI's coat tails at Waco and making neat jackets with logos for themselves, it wouldnt be too hard to create or market into existence the illusion of as much power, glory and history as the real West Point for boys had. We live in an era of excellent fakes. Use this to your advantage. Its understood that in truly elite circles the lack of true historical clout would be obvious but ya gotta start somewhere.

Now THAT is the kind of shit that scares American males. They had do reduce me to this, becuz the USA exclusively cannot allow or tolerate any female that is truly strong or powerful. I like Natives but honestly I believe that the Native blood within early Americans is what causes the USA to be unable to copy Europe and have a definition of female power. If this is such a 'white' culture then why arent we remotely like 'white' Europeans?

Right there you have your evidence of influence from a religion that is innately sexist (Judiasm) and is such as a culture. Thier influence on American life has destroyed and clouded any memory of what it meant to be Europeans long ago.

Are you a rebellious white child who has always hated Xmas due to it being cheesy, due to it being sappy? Hate Christmas carols? Guess who wrote alot of them? Jewish immigrants from Russia. Our entire culture has been cheesed over to hide European expressions of life. The Anglo WASP culture is no example of European life.

America sucks for you becuz you are just not a dumbed down, destroyed enough European. Some people just dont belong here and I am one of them. I was told years ago I was more 'European' and I should have gotten the hell out of here and I realize now that America has destroyed me. That I never belonged here. I have always been mistreated and resented. I have NEVER gotten a fair deal from this country, ever. I highly doubt I ever will.

Its the Native shadows of brutality, violence and unreality and sexism that run this country. (without the love of nature and the spirituality). Its the oppressive Imperialist thug innate within the Anglo WASP culture that runs this country. Its the house slave mentality and the want to absorb every other weaker culture into thiers of African Americans that runs this country. Where no one sees that Oprah is just a mammy we are handed over to to control us as women in a nation that still percieves us as children, who then of course hands us over to WHITE MALES identified as Dr Phil and Dr Oz. Just come out and say Daddy Phil and Daddy Oz. Once again fiddle-de-dee, black mammy handles us for the white plantation master. I cannot believe no one saw that for the last decade she was in influence..yes INFLUENCE. Oprah my dears, was NEVER in power. Dont fuckin think so. Shes a tool of the power structure to control a portion of its flock. Wake up and get a clue.
Black culture can be extremely dangerous to the balance of power among white classes.Rich whites know this.African Americans offer support in the sense of family and they offer soul that has been lost to us through the horrors of the middle ages but they also hinder independence by smothering you do death. Europeans had to walk for several countries worth of miles to survive during the damn Ice Age. Independence is something that we survive on. Also having to sea fair to not starve to death in the North when you dont even know where you are going or what you are going to find is pretty ballsy as well.

Poor whites need blacks as allies, not damn keepers. Besides nobody can piss of and challenge the white power structure the way we can and he will just use you to mind us and remove the threat to himself by doing so which WHITES SHOULD NOT ALLOW TO HAPPEN.

By being absorbed into black culture you are allowing one of the lines of defense against the white elite to be taken down, probably by the white elite's designs themselves.

The powers that be in this country have done everything they can to destroy any trace of the refinement of music, art, fashion, film that existed in prior decades as expressions of various European cultures. Dumbing down America has consisted of taking away what is good and fine from every culture and race. Do you think that rap is the best blacks can do? Then you never heard deep Jazz music or listened to George Benson. Even disco had more class than whats out today, being that only blacks made decent disco music anyway.

Rock and roll and its destruction, the defusing of it is the ultimate clue. The power of cultures such as Norsk, Celtic, Germanic even Roman that existed and was expressed through various classic rock and metal music is completely gone. I mean wiped from memory. These were expressions of primitive pagan elements of European society that whites worked very hard to bring back from extinction and from that I mean the 40's. Most Americans have only been exposed to black music as influence for what became rock and roll. Then the British Invasion seemed to bring with it immense, I mean HUGE surges and waves of Celtic power. I dont know what folk music was like in Britain but I know that in Scottish and Irish music these energies are preserved. I highly suspect that black folk music was actually from thier being influenced by white folk music early on and probably a mix of influences like Native, black, white folk music. Perhaps blacks just held the torch for white folk music while whites busied themselves with changing thier names spellings to appear as English as possible in the USA to fit in with the majority white groups.

To simply say that black music was ripped off by whites is a generalization. I want all this material to be analyzed by experts like at MIT here or some expert organization in ancient music world renowned. THEN we'll get the damn truth. Becuz poor white's rock music has been destroyed mostly by this racial issue of it never having been real to begin with due to being ripped off of blacks.

OK then, why dont we just remove all traces of white influence on black music and you can go from there. Give us the damn piano back. OK, move that trumpet out too. Leave the drums and that sort of guitar that they have in Africa they play.

Do you see how ridiculous these arguments are? Who gives a f*ck about Elvis. Most people who listen to rock and roll as a pagan expression of white primitive cultures DONT LIKE ELVIS. Perhaps Led Zeppelin liked Elvis, becuz they werent from America. But WE NEED LED ZEPPELIN. If they were from here they would have rebelled against Elvis- hopefully. Well, just his crappy sappy mainstream stuff. The hillbilly stuff he did was full of energy.

The con is this: take away anything containing energy that whites can feed off of and they will gravitate towards the culture that does provide this. The ones that dont need this will probably become YUPpies.(Im too hard on them arent I. I need to do a piece on thier redeeming qualities. Do they have any? Well they are superficially very polite out in the street. Err, I can think of anything else right now. uhhhhhhhhh)

The human need to jump around and commune with nature and the gods while high on some substance that lets us in on that god more clearly is a very ancient primitive behavior. And whites had this taken from them- tortured out of them during the middle ages. It seems to have been preserved through folk music and rituals in polite society in different countries. And perhaps through help from African influence this was rekindled the 60's being an example of this, and the British rock bands as well.

This all comes back to my my seeing plainly that we live in an era that is using manipulation and technologies to take us away from Nature and the god within. Music must enslave us, technology must enslave us. People are being brainwashed into cults or cult mentalities everywhere you look. ALL in the interest of total control of the population. Righting race issues by enslaving everyone with boring and cheap rap music is NOT a good idea. The beats of that music are so repetetive and the vibe is so negative. Id rather listen to old 90's gangsta rap that WAS negative but it was overtly so which I can deal with. The music out now is meant to enslave the public by using tricks of brainwashing that are very overt. It also seems right now to have an effect of almost creating a virtual place for people to exist. The rap of today is not grounding like 90's rap was. It is the opposite of grounding, its seems to create a weakening of the sense of one's self as solid. There is something very cult brainwashing to it and believe me the powers that be have researched just what certain sound cues do to the human mind.

This along with the electromagnetic interference with our own energy fields is creating basically a system of enslavement of human beings. Not physically but enslaving all that makes us BEINGS. Technomancers are people who use tech becuz they cannot really do any magick of thier own. Technology is doing what only the most evil of magicians could ever hope to accomplish in any story book, bible or whatever: to enslave mankind by attacking directly what makes up human spirit and mind. Its very suspect that this culture has become so anti mysticism when all through the 70's that is all they taught us. I believe each of these methods is attempts at mind control brainwashing, both dependent on a different era with different agendas. They should have no more filled our minds in the 70's with psychic phenomena, even in school than they should be training youth now to totally disregard the existence of psychic phenomena, in favor of technology.

Taking people off drugs and off rock and roll in order to put them on psych drugs and droning repetitive hip hop or dry as a bone white pop music. Sounds like an attempt to create a generation of people who dont know thier own minds, dont explore their conshusness or even are aware of what one is.

Exactly. And that is becuz you are dumbing down an entire nation and degrading human beings so that you can destroy the very idea of conshusness. Of humans being able to create Vril or 'psychic' energies. Represssing this ability or production of electro magnetic energy and replacing it with the energy fields created by technologies.

I have personally experienced the action of being actively repressed while producing energy in this manner. And it was in fact done with technologies present at that time probably through wi fi. You think that is a crazy idea then go right ahead. I am telling you that normal human spiritual development if not right to EXIST is being interfered with by the constant presence and use of technologies in modern civilized society. And anyone who can 'spark' is a threat to the system.

What do I mean? Listen to Miles Davis, things like Bitches Brew. Listen to certain bands that create this energy production at least in me, being Celtic and all, like The Who in a very select era of thier career (try Whos Next). Listen to any music where you get the 'chill factor' but make it times 50 or so. I used to get the chill factor when younger and more closed off. As I started to grow in my late 20's it turned into actual energy fields being created. By the time I was 30 or so I felt I could create with the right stimuli of music, a huge energy field around me as well as put this into mental thought.

People like me are a threat to the system now moreso then ever. People like me also need to 'feed' off of music, or love or care or sun or nature or animals to survive. I dont think its a vampire thing I think its a very active energy system. Becuz I wasnt just able to feed off of music or what have you I was able to produce energy remember. Whatever it was I was doing, it got me targeted. Aside from all the other circumstances in my campaign, reasons why people would want to get rid of me, I feel that this was the greatest threat that got me targeted. I had very nasty people involved in the deeper end of this telling me basically that I was a mule that showed up on thier radar and I could do certain things that they did not like very much, mostly fight certain systems of mind control they have in place on the masses or at least on individuals that one is not supposed to be able to detect much less counter successfully.
( A 'mule' is a word used to desribe a psychic that is a fluke of nature.)

I believe this is also utter bullshit. There is no way that I am a mere 'mule' as far as psychic phenomena goes. This is more of using humiliation and degradation to control the Target. Perhaps I am a mule on thier radar and perahaps this is a real perception of thiers but someone, somewhere knew exactly what my DNA was about due to the fact that my dad's father had the same ability and would do sh*t like show up at my car accident becuz 'something' told him I was down such and such a street in an accident. The fact that I was programmed shows that possibly theta abilities were in use.

Here is my theory. There is a faction way more ancient and powerful than the clowns out there in buses abducting people like me or sending convicted pedophiles to humiliate us and call us mere 'mules'. These are the technomancer jerks I mentioned. Either that or they are the highest end of the human system of manipulation of populations and they are pissed off that some other faction they cant control, has it over on them.
I cant tell you who programmed me becuz I dont know myself. But I doubt if the clowns that came after me are they. I think that the programmers, the original ones are powerful and dont need to reveal who they are. Its probably some very ancient faction of power here on earth that does not reveal itself in human affairs.
I think the jerks I encountered are trying as hard as they can to keep up with the Masters...the very old Masters and I suspect its military or along those lines. Still they have so many pedos in their ranks it makes them kind of obvious. I think that during Bush they had the go ahead and the tech to poke around and experiment on programmed people.

The funny part is that, when I started to experience a mind wipe, which is when all the 'files' in your mental filing cabinet, they seem to get lifted, then 'wiped' to a ghost file. Something you can then remember but that memory has no real life to it, no power. This mind wipe was all done before whoever the other faction doing the experimentation was, starting poking around. Its laughable at least that the Masters are still steps ahead of the dummies who are so desperate to get thier hands on that much power.
And the way that the Master faction seems to go about things is very gently. The other faction seems to go about things brutally in ways that remind one of actual physical surgery. Its very..intrusive. Such as introducing dreams from obvious outside sources to play the Target in thier sleep into giving information. Its so sloppy and fake. And it wasnt going to work anyway.

Its also suspect that it could have been a very childish and foolhearty faction of the US military who is obsessed with the Knights Templar and gaining thier power and influence. In this way they are disturbing time itself by trying to bring powers into the modern world that have been perfected to exist quietly in the backround of now modern times. Its VERY foolish indeed and I hope they get swiftly punished and learn thier lesson. Its a very dangerous thing. If the fighting factions of those times existed today in the way humans exist today in the flesh with the same powers as back then they would be a major threat to the balance of power in modern worldy affairs of humans. They are upsetting the balance of not only time but power structures with thier foolish, childish activities meant to gain power in this way. The souls of powerful men can only be smoothed out, like metal is refined, over years time. Centuries it takes to become in balance with humanity. The old Knights have thier right to move on to greener pastures to more subtle influences over man's affairs. Only the actions of a foolish and young soul would act as the Templars did in much of thier actions and campaigns. And this is just where you left it, back there in that time frame. Any remnence of thier existence should not be tapped into or toyed with for the mere gain of military might or some boyish romantic obsession with a bygone warrior culture. When you upset the dead to gain thier treasures, comes a curse with that. Not by actions of thier owners but by simple cause and affect. These are the simple safeguards left us by guardians of 'time' if you will. Its kind of like getting your hand slapped when you put it somewhere it does not belong due to your hands further actions creating untold chaos and deadly consequences, thus avoiding further harm. Heed these warnings.

This faction of the military has the audacity to create a logo for thier neo Templar sect as well as sport the colors of black, white and red. Another cult mind set complete with childish colors to assist with indoctrination and tribal indentification. The colors white and red and black and red or white black and red actually meant something and were ritualistic. In a meaningful way. Not used to create a cult.

This need to disturb Templar sects or to 'rip off' their ancient power, to co opt and thus destroy. Its all very suspect in the times we live in where very negative Luciferian sects are trying to gain power and control or enslave mankind. Its as if these are attempts to gain the powers of your enemies while destroying their power to guard humanity against your total domination. And that is obviously what is occuring now. One can plainly see that people have been fooled into believing that the Templars were just one faction that is represented by what is dubbed the Illuminati in modern times.

Ahh and so it goes again. Seth once again traps Osiris in a box and rips him to pieces. Its the same story over again as usual. This time however, the darker forces, the anti human anti life forces have gained so much power and footing.

The only hope is to even up the playing field by continuing to try to make man aware of how such technologies with such capacities are documented to exist and the motive is now here for abuse of such power.

Daily it seems that most of the population doesnt care. Its like saying why am I wasting my time on this at all? Well partially due to the fact that I have little other recourse. Also I am being destroyed so rapidly and my mind is being just chewed to bits by the tech influence as well as my emotional state being destroyed by the pain and sorrow of so many betrayals and there not being hope for a future, I dont think I will exist as who I honestly am for very long.With all the damage to my body from not getting medical care as well as damage from being chased around the USA I wont live very long.

I am currently experiencing disturbing heart pain more frequently. This is usually indicative that I have stayed in an area that is too moldy for too long as this was NOT the case in the southwest last year. The mold did much more damage than I would like to admit and I try to preserve my health at least until the full book is written. My liver has been bothering me more and more, headaches more frequent, and other issues that became worse due to being gang stalked so intensely.

The world is never going to change back again to being sane or safe unless people demand that these technologies, these weapons of slow death and enslavement stop being in use immediately. At least demand disclosure and validation of the condition and then work on removing the tech slowly perhaps.

Stop people from calling these conditions a 'disease' of humans. Exposure to electromagnetic fields is not a disease and the adverse reactions are not a disease. Its the pollution interrupting the human body doing what it does for humans to survive. They got away with making our lungs reacting to air pollution into asthma without holding polluters responsible. Do NOT let them get away with it in thier realm. Do not let them create an industry of protection gear or some medicine to protect you from electromag pollution. Thier creating problems only to make money off them has gone on quite enough. We are dealing with the physical properties of the human psyche and spirit. Its a bit too delicate to start trying to cure or fix by interfering with it again as interfering with its natural state is what caused the adverse condition to begin with.

Its been shown that children exhibit adverse mental reactions due to the influence of wi fi in thier class rooms and like TI's its only present when they are exposed to it in the classroom. Its been proven that electromag is killing trees. What is it doing to us?

Stop this damn problem before it becomes the next era of total ignorance that harms humans in horrible untold ways yet again. History books are full of this nonsense, where we look back at decades of human suffering due to some pollutant that eventually people made safe. The problem is time and time again the people in power KNOW damn well what is harmful and what is not.

In this era there is NO excuse. In an era where scientists can mark down disease or other things to the exact gene or number or molecule, they cant tell you anything definate about something as big and bumblingly obvious as electromagnetic fields? Doesnt NASA have to be pretty versed in this variance to perform space travel?

See there is a point where all of man's godlike shining brilliance reverts back to the mere ape, which of course represents greed, domination and murder. And this is where you must call out Man on his bullsh*t as he is no longer acting honestly, logically or in the best interest of all of mankind but in the interest of his apeness, his spawn, his mate, thier small tribe..and f*ck everyone else for survival.

This is where mankind fails every time. All this knowledge and what is it worth if its only used selectively? When man's primitive Nature blocks out the light of knowledge, technology and brilliant creation?
And this is the very reason that Man is so very dangerous. Neither ape nor god but constantly oscillating in between, and worst of all seemingly unconshus of the changes or thier consequences.

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