Public Meeting 10-17 Cambridge MA Censorship

Public Meeting 10-17 Cambridge MA Censorship
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What Furture Will Be If We Keep Supporting Companies Like Boston Dynamics (Minus The Stupid Ending)

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gang Stalking and Remote Influence Technology at MICRO CENTER NYC and Cambridge MA

Micro Center is a very intersting place. As a normal citizen I highly suggest it for all your computer and tech needs as they have the best deals on flash drives, SD cards and computer accessories. Their prices on external HD's are great and the staff actually know what they are doing. They carry mp3's that actually have specs you need not just IPod (anything but IPod) for cheap.There is one in Cambridge MA near Trader Joes on Memorial Drive.

Now the bad news. As a TI the place is difficult. I have been gang stalked in there in person just once or twice. There was a Cambridge cop in there when it happened out of uniform but of course with his little windbreaker with the insignia on it so go figure. The tactic pulled in there was one that is popular around Boston, Cambridge for me as TI which is for people in front of me to hit thier back pockets as if they are checking their wallets are still there. Not unusual in a city full of pick pockets. However as a Target its of course used to antagonize and as part of psychological warfare. Men, who are the ones that most keep their valuables in their back pockets, will look at me before turning and checking and there is obvious indication that they are checking BECUZ of ME being behind them. That wouldnt be so out of place considering I dress funky right? Just uptight YUPpies right? Well then I have lots of people WITHOUT back pockets on thier pants doing the same exact thing and making sure that they make eye contact first. This is mostly done to me after eye contact is made. I have been harassed long enough to know when I am being baited or anchored.

A red head in front of me in Micro Center in line made sure she looked at me and then turned around and did that same move but she had no back pocket just leggings. This was when the cop was in the aisle acting weird and of course noticing me. Or at least someone wearing a windbreaker with that insignia on it, true we dont know it WAS a cop.

The second thing I get at Micro Center, that is hard to prove and specific to me as a TI that gets alot of tech in past few years, more than previously, EVERY TIME I go into Micro Center Cambridge I get specific ideations that are always the same and they cease when I leave the building.

The ideations repeatedly consist of a Truman Show like set up where I am supposedly being watched through the survaillence (anti theft) cameras. That a very prominent member of the community here in Boston who I wont mention not only has stock in Micro Center but is watching me through the cameras every time I come in there. I also get semi positive feedback on my situation that I should get a lawyer and I should not let them get me down. Some of the interface I get like I mentioned contains positive and supportive 'thoughts' but the Truman Show idea is very disturbing and feels like its in line with brainwashing. Also, when I leave this store I wait for the bus down the street near the BU bridge and I get harasssed by people in cars every single time when trying to get back to Central Sq Cambridge.

Howsabout THAT for harassment at Micro Center.

Most likely you have to look at who has stock (thier messing with me might actually have some merit to it) and who really owns the company. I think most people working in tech have to support this system of oppression.

I know that one of the very overt perps in group on Greyhound on my first cross country trip in like 2007 was obsessed with World of Warcraft and told me his father worked for Cisco Systems which is who has their name on like ALL of the wifi in the colleges around here. I can imagine what their military contracts look like!

This is the norm nowadays that certain stores can be counted on for the SAME pattern and content of ideations upon entering and they will cease upon my exiting which makes them decpetive bastards, not me being crazy.

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