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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

YouTube Comment Moderator Being Messed With

Im wondering if that was a hacker. I was at MIT late last night and changed my password there. If that email was hacked then someone could get into my YouTube.

The most recent comments dont have the box pop up that IS comment moderator. It doesnt allow me to remove the comment or block the user. Only older comments or my own recent comment has this option. See vid below.

It could also be the computer I am on. This is not the first time I have been hacked while on YouTube. Its happened frequently.

The comment section has been hacked before in this way where I am blocked from posting a return comment and other kinds of interference.
Usually when I change computers this is no longer an issue. This problem today occured on all three browers I used on same computer.

What is strange is that I approved one of those first of the two so I could remove it and block the user. I KNOW I approved one already. I go back after reporting it as a bug to YouTube and of course now its still unapproved. It seems that the positive comments that I approved can be removed. Strangely that is how I got sucked into approving the first of the two negative comments, becuz it looked like I had to approve comments this time before they could be removed, which is how I got tricked into approving the first of the two negative comments from the same reader to begin with. I KNOW I approved one of them and noted the system not working becuz then it could not be removed.

The trick of this is to make the Target appear insane, loss of memory, mistaken etc. Not only was I tricked into getting freaked out about not having control over commenting, I was then tricked into having it appear that I am mistaken due to that comment now being still up for approval when I published it. It also made me pissed off enough to feel out of control enough to message the YouTuber becuz I couldnt block him. Another mind game.

Gang stalking is about control and power. They want you to become afraid to take risks due to no longer being correct about outcomes. Its like a top gymnast knowing they an ace a move in whatever sport they excell at and someone moving the goal post to not only gaslight them but to destroy thier confidence.

Remember when I was surrounded by that circle of people at the hostel in Boston years ago upon my returning from my road trip where I was terrorized and even drugged. The main perp said to the others "OK how smart is this one supposed to be?" and the mold exposure, purposely allowed to become a problem in that apartment, knowing I woudlnt leave as I would be totally confused and traumatized by being gang stalked and not knowing what was happening. These are tactics used in Russia for years to get rid of dissidents. Russia has been for sale for some time now and its documented as well as I have posted it from a WIRED article that Russia has sold off much of its secrets due to the govt breaking down to the US and specifically the military. This tactic for dumbing down dissidents being used in the US now does NOT surprise me.

My last two posts certainly were not appreciated either. This is like gs under Bush in the years when it was all about severely messing with me to break me down. Now I have gained momentum again so going back to making me feel out of control again only makes sense.

And by the way when I experienced these interuptions in service from YouTube and specifically when I contacted the YouTuber who left those manipulative comments, I felt a distinct sensation of sexual arousal, especially connected to the idea of my being out of control.

What is even stranger is that when I took a copy of that page and the comments by cut and paste here is what it looks like when pasted on this blog:

"Gang stalking is about fear leaving you with no options and will only work this way because you must be left to make decisions on your own without any help..only then will you be capable of eventually standing on your own two feet.

you are a fake young lady and to be honest it sickens me but you wont post this will you cause it shows you up for what you are

Pending approvalApprove seemoreclearley 4 days ago
seemoreclearley 4 days ago
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rGang stalking is about fear leaving you with no options and will only work this way because you must be left to make decisions on your own without any help..only then will you be capable of eventually standing on your own two feet.

you are a fake young lady and to be honest it sickens me.

Pending approvalApprove seemoreclearley 4 days ago
seemoreclearley 4 days ago

I clearly show in the video that it does NOT give me the options to share, remove,flag, block user or unblock user. But when it is copy/pasted at least the first one seems to have those as options, but not the second one. And I know I highlighted the second comment's right hand section just like the first one. I noted that when it was highlighted for copying, it had a strange color that was different from the first one, a block of color on the right side where this option button to remove etc shows up.

How can something be there when its highlighted for copy/pasting as it clearly shows it exists in text, but not show up as an option when the mouse hovers over it but it does so for MY comment I added at the top as shown in vid?

These are common hacking tricks and its been going on for years. The point is to make the TI doubt themselves as well as waste their time on blog posts like this illustrating something that is so small an occurence that no one is going to do anything about it yet for a TI its part of a multi faceted campaign that spans over years and is much more intricate than it appears on the surface.


Anonymous said...

It could the youtube administrator doing the work of the perps, and messing with your account settings. I've seen srange results ordering when I do Google searches, and it looks like Google is doing the work of the perps, by having their employees mess with the returned results in some fashion. It could be an employee at YouTube doing this, like an administrator. As for that message about the returned e-mail, it looks like the mail server handling mail for is bouncing back just yours or all emails.

Anonymous said...

In some cases, the deceived eventually becomes the deceiver. Hence, a perp is born. That's why it's dangerous to have contact with other TI's. Some TI's seem to start buying the ideas that certain other TI's are really crazy just because their campaigns are different. Or, maybe their brain washing is starting to sink in, and they began perping other TI's. I've been reading one TI's blog, and he started making sense at first. But more and more, started throwing out accusations that certain TI's are nuts.

Think of it as a crack or fissure that keeps widening, until the structure collapses. Some TI's will sink into perpdom without realizing the conversation taking place.

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